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Pope in L’Aquila: crowd emotion with the slogan “Jemo ‘nnanzi”

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(ANSA) – L’AQUILA, AUG 28 – Emotion and applause in Piazza Duomo at the words of Pope Francis who concluded his speech by saying “Jemo ‘nnanzi”, that is, “let’s go ahead” as he found himself saying in 2014 during a audience attended by 130 people from L’Aquila of the civic action group of the same name.

From here, this morning, Cesare Ianni and his activists of ‘Jemo Nnanzi have placed a long banner with this slogan in the upper part of the square, awaiting the passage of the Popemobile.

“When, 5 years after the earthquake, Pope Francis pronounced our slogan we were moved – recalls Ianni – also because it was in the context of an audience in which he spoke about our dialect and our wounded city”.

“A special thought goes to the group ‘Jemo’ nnanzi ‘which means’ let’s go ahead – said the pontiff on that occasion -. 5 years after the earthquake that devastated your city, I join in praying for the numerous victims I entrust to the Our Lady. And I say to you, keep hope alive. Make sure that the reconstruction of the houses also joins that of your churches, places of prayer, and the artistic heritage of the city to which the social rebirth of the territory is linked “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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