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    Olaf Scholz and the arms deliveries: With his restraint, the chancellor could score points with left-wing voters

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    That’s really … really an irony of the story, with everything else that is deadly serious: Olaf Scholz and how he deals with the issue of arms deliveries. From the point of view of the Social Democrats, this is more the attitude of a leftist in its reluctance.

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    And the position is represented by a man of all people who, in his office as Federal Chancellor, is striving to take after the other Hamburger, Helmut Schmidt, who was a right-wing party figure.

    As a hard left, Scholz was against retrofitting the NATO dual-track resolution

    This is evidenced, among other things, by the NATO double-track decision in the 1980s, which, at Schmidt’s instigation, provided for a retrofit part in the event that the Soviet Union did not want to disarm (which it did not want for a long time).

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    So, and at that time Scholz protested – still as a hard leftist, even a Marxist and supporter of the Stamokap wing – against the retrofitting of the alliance.

    Today, for reasons of alliance, he dictates that the Federal Republic of Germany restrain itself from supplying weapons to Ukraine in the war against Russia, more precisely: battle tanks.

    Everyone who is cautious likes that, because of the incalculable reactions of Vladimir Putin – and everyone on the left, including the party Die Linke.

    With this, Scholz can actually get votes back from her. Because first of all, it’s just dismantling, secondly: Who wants to follow a Sahra Wagenknecht when she talks in such a way that it sounds like AfD. Then rather Scholz.

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    Source: Tagesspiegel

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