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“Fuck bald”: Kiva disgraced himself with a fake about his expulsion

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In the near future, the party of HLE will make a statement on the situation with Kiva

The OLE are confused, and Rabinovich (far right) stood up for Kivu. Collage “Today”

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The leadership of the Opposition Platform – For Life party has already denied the possibility of expelling People’s Deputy Ilya Kiva, who himself announced this.

It is reported by PavlovskyNews.

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Party co-chairman Vadim Rabinovich made it clear that Kiva will not go anywhere.

“Well, delusional, who do you want to exclude from the party, Kivu? Bald shit! Got it?” – he said.

Renat Kuzmin, People’s Deputy from OLEZ, said on Facebook that party co-chairman Yuriy Boyko also called Kiva’s statement a fake.

“When I asked about Kiva’s exclusion from the party, Yuri Boyko replied that this information was a fake, no one ruled out Kiva, and now a party denial for the media is being prepared. True, Kiva himself has already confirmed his exclusion. For me, for example, everything that happens is a complete surprise , to say the least. If a fake – we are waiting for a refutation. Not a fake – we are waiting for an explanation. “– he wrote.

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