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Were there two arsonists? New details of the attack on Zhovkva’s house

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A 20-year-old boy took the order to set the house on fire, but he decided to find himself an accomplice

Zhovkva’s house was attacked by more than one person. Collage “Today”

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The prosecutor’s office in Kiev reported the suspicion to two men who tried to set fire to the house of the deputy head of the President’s Office, Igor Zhovkva, and revealed new details of this crime.

The press service of the department writes about this.

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The investigation established that a 20-year-old resident of the capital received an order on Telegram to set the house on fire, for which he was promised $ 7,000. However, he did not decide to act on his own and offered a 25-year-old resident of the Cherkasy region to help him for a part of the reward.

“Having acquired the means necessary for arson, namely, flammable mixtures (gasoline and kerosene), containers and adhesive tapes, the attackers prepared three bottles of Molotov cocktail and on the night of October 22 arrived at the crime scene in the Darnytskyi district of the capital. paint on the fence of the house, offensive inscriptions, after which, while one of the men was watching the situation, the other – set fire to a bottle with “Molotov cocktail” and threw it over the fence into the territory of the house “, – said the prosecutor’s office.

But while one of them was trying to set fire to the second bottle, strangers noticed him, and he rushed to run, but was detained in hot pursuit. Later, the second was caught.

Both of them were informed about suspicion of deliberate damage to property by arson and of committing hooliganism (part 2 of article 194, part 2 of article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

As already mentioned, Zelensky called the attempt to attack Zhovkva “pathetic”. Now on Bankovaya they are waiting for the exposure of those who are behind this.

New OPA signal?

  • September 22 near the village. Foresters (Kiev region) an attack was made on the first assistant to the President of Ukraine Serhiy Shefir. As a result of the shelling of the car, the driver was wounded.
  • The injured driver drove another five kilometers on a flat tire to the nearest parking lot and only stopped there to call an ambulance.
  • Criminal proceedings have been opened under the article “attempted murder of two or more persons.”
  • Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky noted the heroic act of the driver of the first assistant to the president, Sergei Shefir, and reported on his state of health. According to him, the doctors completed the operation and now nothing threatens the driver’s health.
  • The head of the National Police of Ukraine Igor Klimenko said that law enforcement officers are currently considering three main versions of the assassination attempt.


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