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Landslide in Ischia, you dig in the mud. A 31-year-old woman died, at 11 the CDM

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Eleonora Sirabella, 31, was a saleswoman in a shop on Ischia, the first confirmed victim of the Casamicciola landslide. She lived with her companion, still missing, in the Rarone area, one of the hardest hit by the mud lava that fell yesterday night. On her social networks, the moved memory of many friends and customers of the shop where she worked. Many of her call her an angel, she remembers her goodness and meekness and she was particularly well liked by everyone. Her body had been found near via Celaro, under a meter and a half of mud. The recovery operations had been particularly complex.

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Rescuers at work all night in Casamicciola in the hope of finding the 11 missing from the landslide that killed a woman, injured 13, overwhelmed cars and houses, invaded entire neighborhoods with mud. The strong wind blowing on the island makes operations difficult but the activities go on. In the port, dawn returns the images of destruction caused by last night’s extraordinary event, while in the port you can clearly see the cars that reached the sea after a run of hundreds of meters caused by the wave of mud. The cleaning operations of the streets continue along via Monte della Misericordia and all the connected crossroads. The Carabinieri carried out anti-looting checks to protect the now empty homes. There are currently 164 displaced persons.
At the moment the eleven missing from the Casamicciola landslide are two families, one of five people with a child and another of three with a newborn, then a man, a foreign woman and an elderly woman. There are also two families with children among the missing from the Casamicciola landslide. This is learned from the administrative staff of the Municipality of Lacco Ameno.

The Council of Ministers is convened today, at 11.00 in Palazzo Chigi, for the examination of the following agenda: – declaration of a state of emergency as a result of the exceptional meteorological events that occurred in the territory of the island of Ischia starting from 26 November 2022.

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A river of mud and debris hit Casamicciola, a municipality on the island of Ischia, around 5 am on 26 November, causing the death of a woman. There are still 11 missing and 13 injured, one of which in “slightly more serious” conditions. The damage is huge. The landslide came down from Mount Epomeo, behind the hamlet of the island, as happened in November 2009, and dragged boulders and debris that caused the collapse of at least 10 buildings. There are about 30 isolated families, a total of 100 people who have yet to be reached and who are without water and electricity. The road leading to their homes is currently impassable due to mud.

The searches continue unabated. Groups of volunteers are combing the hilly area of ​​the island municipality inch by inch. The area is illuminated with generator sets. Where they are is still too early to say. The fury of the water threw dozens of cars into the sea, even some that were parked not near the port.

Bad weather on the island of Ischia, landslide in Casamicciola

Landslide and missing in Ischia

Source: Ansa

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