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Still looking for other hideouts The words of the boss: ‘It’s over’

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Carpet searches in Campobello di Mazara and not only by the police, as part of the investigation into the arrest of the boss Matteo Messina Denaro. They were this morning check the home of a lawyer, the lawyer Antonio Messina, which is located in via Selinunte, opposite the house of Salvatore Messina Denaro, brother of the boss, already searched last Monday. The lawyer’s summer home in Torretta Granitola, on the coast of Mazara del Vallo, near the headquarters of the Ias Cnr and another building in via Galileo Galileri in Campobello di Mazara.

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Meanwhile, the mafia boss this morning underwent the first cycle of chemotherapy in prisonin the surgery created ad hoc in maximum security penitentiary in L’Aquila. The 60-year-old has had no side reactions and, according to what has been learned, he is in good condition. The administration is defined as maintenance for the treatment of cancer against which the boss certified last Monday and the day after imprisoned in the maximum security prison Le Costarelle has been connecting for over a year: an anesthetist was also a part of the team to coordinate , Professor Luciano Mutti, head of the department of oncology of the San Salvatore hospital which today has already seen and visited Messina Denaro three times. The staging of theclinic cited by the staff of the provincial ASL was completed yesterday: it is located in front of the ten-metre cell occupied by theex super fugitive, under the 41bis regime, precisely to avoid travel and therefore contacts even within the prison structure. It is not known, for security reasons, when the second session will take place. According to what has been learned, certainly next week.

Messina Denaro, in the districts of Campobello hunting for hideouts

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Remand in custody ordered for John Luppino, the olive farmer who was the driver of the boss Matteo Messina Denaro and who was arrested on Monday together with the mafia boss. “It’s over”, this would be the sentence pronounced by the godfather to Giovanni Luppino when he understood that he would soon end up in handcuffs. Luppino himself said this to the investigating judge, claiming that he only realized the true identity of the boss, presented to him months earlier with another name, only at that moment. Seeing the carabinieri approaching, Luppino would have asked the mafia boss if they were looking for him and Messina Denaro would have replied: “Yes, it’s over”.

In the first hideout of Messina Denaro there was also a painting of the Joker
Not only the painting with the image of Marlon Brando in the role of Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather: in the apartment in vicolo San Vito in Campobello di Mazara, Matteo Messina Denaro’s first hideout discovered after his arrest, there is also a color picture of the Joker, the famous comic book character, in the version played by Joaquin Phoenix. “There is always a way out, but if you don’t find it, break through everything” instead says the writing on a smaller picture hanging just below that of the Joker.

Selfie with Messina Denaro, the Order of Doctors asks for the name of the doctor – The Order of Doctors of Palermo has asked the health management of the La Maddalena clinic in Palermo to know the name of the surgeon who appeared in a selfie with the boss Messina Denaro and published by various media. The disciplinary commission of the OMCEO will initiate an investigation and possible measures according to the established procedures.

Matteo Messina Denaro poses for a selfie with a doctor

Source: Ansa

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