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Are Israelis and Palestinians giving up on peace?

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A Palestinian protesting against colonization and a member of the Israeli security forces, in Asirah al Qibliyah in September 2020. (JAAFAR ASHTIYEH / AFP)

Just before the latest outbreak of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, a study of public opinion within the two peoples provided one of the keys to understanding the new tragedy unfolding before our eyes. It is a joint study, entitled “Palestinian-Israeli Pulse”, carried out by two research centers, one Israeli, the other Palestinian, which for years have regularly asked the same questions on both sides.

The result is disastrous: not only is support for the two-state solution – Israel and Palestine side by side – at a twenty-year low, but there is now a significant portion of opinion, on both sides, that favors a “non-democratic” solution, that is to say a single state controlled by one or the other people.

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This development reflects absolute pessimism about the chances of one day seeing the two-state option come true, which is the sad reality; but also the growing acceptance of the impossibility of living without dominating the other, and therefore in the absence of peace.

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Source : Nouvelobs

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