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Bolsonaro in Pistoia, remembers dead Brazilians Liberation Italy

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Montagnoli (Cub):

(ANSA) – PISTOIA, 02 NOV – Pistoia morning for the president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro who today paid tribute to the monument commemorating the sacrifice of Brazilian soldiers who died for the Italian Liberation in the Second World War. Bolsonaro’s arrival was cheerfully greeted by a handful of sympathizers, Brazilian citizens, wrapped in Brazilian flags, who sang the national anthem.

Also present at the ceremony was the leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini who, on the sidelines of the event, said he wanted to apologize “to the Brazilian people, represented by their president, for the incredible controversies even in the commemoration of the fallen who gave their lives to free us from ‘ Nazi-fascist occupation. It is truly surreal “. Salvini then thanked Bolsonaro for the extradition of Cesare Battisti. The Undersecretary of Defense, Stefania Pucciarelli, also took part in the ceremony. In the center of Pistoia, on the other hand, a demonstration was staged, with the participation of various groups of the left, against the presence in the city of the Brazilian head of state, with the slogan ‘Fora Bolsonaro’.

“Although the Atlantic Ocean separates us, we are closer than ever to Italy – said Bolsonaro -, we are brothers” and it is “an honor for me to be here for the first time in this shrine to commemorate all the people who they fought for what is most important to us, our freedom “. “Today one seventh of the Brazilian population, about 30 million people, has Italian origins. In 1943 – he said again – the duty called about 25,000 Brazilian soldiers who went to Italy to fight for freedom. Two years later, almost 500 of them died “for” freedom. Before leaving the place of the ceremony, Bolsonaro allowed himself a small crowd bath with a small group of Brazilians who came to cheer him. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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