Rada asked to calm down anti-vaccination workers

Under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada today, November 3, a rally is being held against vaccination against COVID-19

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The head of the Verkhovna Rada committee on the health of the nation Mikhail Radutsky commented on the morning rally of anti-vaccinators who blocked the government quarter… According to him, the Security Service of Ukraine should take care of the protesters.

He said about this “Today”.

“He (the rally – ed.) Interferes with the people of Kiev, and worst of all, he interferes with the doctors, because today the next stage of the hospital is already opening in Kiev. I think that the Security Service should work there “, – said Radutsky.

What is known about the rally

  • On November 3, opponents of COVID vaccination gathered for a rally near the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, the participants blocked the central streets of the city, blocking the government quarter.
  • People stood with posters that read: “Say no to mandatory vaccination”, “Say no to Covid passports”, “Say no to Covid fascism.”
  • People protested government-imposed restrictions such as quarantines, online schooling, wearing masks, and compulsory vaccinations, citing constitutionally guaranteed rights.
  • For the rally in the capital, people were gathered on social networks, mainly via Telegram and Facebook, where they asked to transfer money to a card to purchase postcards, rent equipment and mount a stage. It is not known for certain how much they raised and whether there were large sponsors who donated significant funds.

We previously reported that in Kiev, a man discouraged people from being vaccinated right in the queue for vaccination.

Also recall anti-vaccination workers held a meeting in Odessa… About a hundred opponents of vaccination demanded that some of the restrictions for unvaccinated citizens be lifted, saying that this divides society.


Source From: Segodnya

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