To whom Venus will bring love and passion: horoscope for June

In June, Venus, the planet of romance, relationships and love, will bring fateful meetings and bright events for the signs of the zodiac. Venus enters Cancer on May 31st. This is a very favorable and harmonious transit that encourages care, understanding and support.

According to astrologers, in June the transit of Venus will provoke excessive sensitivity and emotionality. You should be careful with words and deeds on the day of the full moon, which falls on June 4, and at the new moon on June 18.


June will fill relationships with harmony. You will feel how your connection with your partner is getting stronger. You should spend time together and plan a date or travel together. Closer to the second half of the month, work and some other obligations may remove you from a partner. This will cause quarrels and misunderstandings. The month will be especially successful for single representatives of the sign – you can meet someone special. For singles, this is a good month. However, the main advice is that in June one should not rush to legitimize the relationship by marriage.


The first half of the month may not be very successful emotionally. You need to make an effort to control your temperament. Don’t let your ego ruin your relationship with your partner. Lonely Taurus can meet someone very special, the embodiment of all secret dreams. The second half of the month will be a favorable time for proposals.


At the beginning of summer, you will not have enough friendly communication. Try to be sincere and open. Understanding and respecting each other’s desires is the key to a good relationship. The second half of the month will bring pleasure and happiness with a partner. You may feel especially lonely and disappointed in the first half of the month, but the stars foretell that romantic events are just around the corner.


The first half of June will be stable and calm, but the end of the month will bring quarrels and misunderstandings. Do not move away from your partner, try to understand his point of view and feelings. The advice is to solve problems, not hide them. You will need a lot of effort to keep peace and harmony.

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The stars are advised to arrange a common vacation with a partner. Passionate and full of pleasure days await you. By the end of the month, daily chores and obligations can spoil the romance. It is recommended to remain calm and patient.


Be careful in relationships. Do not try to impose your point of view on your partner and do not force him to do what he does not want. For harmony, each of you needs personal space. Your relationship will enter a somewhat boring phase. Try to arrange something memorable and bright. Single Virgos will meet someone very interesting and attractive.


June will be especially favorable for family Libra. You are likely to think about planning a replenishment in the family. Be loving and caring. June is the month of love, tenderness and sincerity. Take care of your feelings and worry about your partner’s needs.


Not too successful, but not too bad, the moon is a cross between crazy deeds and the stability of home comfort. The stars advise you to pay attention to health. Lonely representatives of the sign should not get too carried away with new acquaintances – they can be quite promising, but you should not be immersed in illusions.


A stable, calm and inspiring month awaits you. You will need to show more attention and understanding towards your partner. Towards the end of the month, some disagreements may arise and additional efforts will be required to maintain peace and harmony. This is a good time to introduce your partner to family and friends.


A very emotional and rich moon awaits you. Unresolved legal cases, if any related to family problems, will be resolved in your favor. Meetings with the former and not too pleasant excitement about this are also likely.


You June will begin with a dissonance in the relationship. Respect your partner, be caring and loving. Over time, quarrels and misunderstandings will go down the drain. Try to avoid any obligations this month. Don’t be in a hurry to do something you might regret later.


The second half of June will be successful in a romantic sense. You need to make an effort to create a comfortable atmosphere at home. Lonely Pisces should go out to different events more often and spend time with friends. In general, this is an unfavorable period for commitments and marriage.

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