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“You lied 100 500 times” – Bogdan explained where Zelensky told a lie

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Andriy Bogdan was outraged by what happened during the president’s press marathon

The former head of the President’s Office carefully studied Zelensky’s answers during the press marathon / Today collage

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Former head of the President’s Office Andriy Bogdan counted how many times during the five-hour press marathon on November 26, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy lied. According to Bogdan, this happened 100,500 times.

A former member of Zelensky’s team wrote about this on his Facebook page.

A comment

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Yesterday I was mentioned in a very negative context by the Greatest Leader of the nation, who during the interview 74 times reminded the society that it is He who is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the President of Ukraine !!! However, such a high rank does not allow you, Honorable Volodymyr Aleksandrovich, to lie, because what you could in the “95th quarter” does not suit the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the President of Ukraine, who was elected by the people of Ukraine … Comrade Bogdan“, – wrote the former head of the OP.

Bogdan focused on three points in Zelensky’s conversation with journalists, which, according to him, do not correspond to reality.

“Therefore, I have to answer:

  • – You lied that I brought Yuri Butusov to you (the late Sergei Nizhniy brought him to you);
  • – You lied that Ryaboshapka Ruslan was Kolomoisky’s lawyer (Ruslan was never a lawyer at all, in this case I was a lawyer);
  • – You lied that General Burba was responsible for the transport of the Maidan (believe me, I checked, and he was not responsible either for the transport of the Maidan, or for the transport against the Maidan). “

Criticism of the press marathon


Source From: Segodnya

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