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‘Serial train brakeman’ arrested, 100 episodes disputed

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Communication and sport, the Aldo Biscardi Award presented at Coni (ANSA)

(ANSA) – GENOA, DECEMBER 09 – He was arrested for interruption of public service and resistance to a public official and is in prison in Genoa ‘the man who stopped the trains’, a 47-year-old who operated the emergency brake of the convoys in a serial.

There are 100 episodes that are challenged to the man, Bulgarian, who has become the nightmare of Ligurian, Piedmontese and Lombard commuters.

For the prosecution he would have accumulated hours and hours of delays, apparently, for fun. He got on board the trains and when the convoy picked up speed he applied the emergency brake.

In some cases he operated those of several wagons causing delays to accumulate, or smashed the windows with work tools.

The investigators thus began to view the surveillance cameras of the railway network and collected the testimonies of the conductors.

The last ‘anomalous’ braking was reported two nights ago on the regional one coming to Genoa from Piedmont.

In the spring the man had even managed to block a plane that had departed from Orio al Serio (Bergamo): completely drunk he began to rant because, perhaps convinced that he was on a train, he could not find the emergency brake. Failing to calm him down, the commander reversed course and returned to Orio. In May he had been denounced but given the number of episodes, the judges of Alexandria decided to arrest him.


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Source From: Ansa

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