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Pope: Christians challenge the Herods who massacre the poor

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(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, JAN 06 – The Pope asks Christians to have “a courageous faith”. “The Magi – he recalled in the homily of the Mass of the Epiphany – challenge Herod. They teach us that we need a courageous faith, which is not afraid to challenge the dark logic of power and becomes a seed of justice and fraternity in a society where , even today, many Herods sow death and massacre the poor and the innocent, in the indifference of many “.

The Pope then asked Christians to look to the Magi moved by “desire” because “it is desires that broaden our gaze and push life further: beyond the barriers of habit, beyond a life flattened by consumption, beyond a repetitive faith. and tired, besides the fear of putting ourselves on the line, of committing ourselves for others and for the good “.

In his homily he also quoted “a great painter, Van Gogh” who “wrote that the need for God pushed him to go out at night to paint the stars. Yes, because God made us like this: kneaded with desire”.

The Pope then concluded: “It is sad when a priest has closed the door of desire, it is sad to fall into clerical functionalism, it is very sad”. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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