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    ‘Relay runners’ death in A14: 2 years and 3 months per truck driver

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    Asti-Cuneo motorway, the end of the works is getting closer and closer (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – PESARO, 18 JAN – Sebastien Marco Titta, 24, from Recale (Lecce), the 24-year-old truck driver who caused the accident on February 7, 2021 along the A14, has negotiated a sentence of 2 years and 3 months of imprisonment in Gradara (Pesaro Urbino), where two “relay runners” who were accompanying a load of dogs and cats for adoption in northern Italy died and two other people were injured. This is the result of the preliminary hearing before the Pesaro gup Giacomo Gasparini, says Studio3A, which assists the family members of Federico Tonin and Elisabetta “Betty” Barbieri, two well-known animal rights activists. Initially the defense had asked for a sentence of less than two years to benefit from the conditional suspension, but the judge and the prosecutor Giovanni Fabrizio Narbone, considered the proposal too small, which was reformulated: the accused was charged with the crime of road homicide with the aggravating circumstance of having caused the death of several people. He also had the ancillary sanction of suspension of his driving license for two years. Titta was driving along the motorway at 4:55 am driving a Scania semi-trailer with a south / northbound semi-trailer when, due to a bout of sleep, he lost control of the vehicle, crashing into another semitrailer stopped on a parking lot. stop, then against the concrete barrier between the two carriageways, obstructing the traffic on all lanes. A Fiat Ducato van belonging to the “4Zampe nel cuore” association, coming from San Severo (Foggia), had crashed into the heavy vehicle, not visible because it had no lights due to the previous collision. Federico Tonin, 46, from Arconate (Milan), who was driving, and Elisabetta Barbieri, 62, from Rho (Milan) died in the impact. Another passenger in the van, 48-year-old Alessandro Porta, from Busto Garofalo (Milan) and the second truck driver, a 42-year-old Albanian, were injured, thrown out of the vehicle. A German shepherd also died, while the other animals were taken to their destination by a passing Spanish truck driver. (HANDLE).

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    Source From: Ansa

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