Former Greek prosecutor investigated in Brescia for defamation

Quirinale, Serracchiani:

(ANSA) – BRESCIA, 25 JAN – The Brescia Public Prosecutor has closed the investigation against the former Milan public prosecutor Francesco Greco accused of defamation in the press against his colleague from the Mani Pulite period Piercamillo Davigo.

Greco, who received the notice of conclusion of the investigation, had been denounced by the former councilor of the CSM Davigo for an interview with Corriere delle Sera with Milena Gabanelli last September regarding the alleged Loggia Hungary and the passing of minutes between the Milanese public prosecutor Paolo Storari and Davigo.

“While there is still fog about where, when and why Storari and Davigo exchanged the minutes under the table, one thing is certain: the exit was in the interest of Davigo who did not worry at all about the fate of the proceedings and when he left the CSM those minutes he abandoned them. Embarrassing fact “Greco said in the interview. (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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