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Why Emmanuel Macron relaunches the thorny issue of pension reform

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It goes and it comes back … a little faster than expected. According to The echoes, Emmanuel Macron is indeed tempted to reform pensions. While we believed the file closed until the presidential election, since its reopening was conditional on the disappearance of the coronavirus, the Head of State is ready to cut down this card. Neither Matignon, nor Bercy, nor the Ministry of Social Affairs, however in charge of the file, were warned. At this stage, however, there is still no question of a reform of the retirement age, nor of the pivotal age, nor even of the contribution period. No “big” reform, therefore.

Go flirt with the right … and the left

In reality, Emmanuel Macron plans to tackle an extremely symbolic subject and therefore of strong political significance: the abolition of special regimes. He should talk about it on Wednesday in the Council of Ministers, even if for the moment nothing has been decided definitively. This acceleration is very political, the Head of State keeping in mind the idea that it is necessary to speak to a right which attacks him a lot at the moment. And try to prove to that right, once again, that he understands it.

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But with Emmanuel Macron, the famous “at the same time” is never far away. According to our information, if the Head of State therefore plans to abolish the special schemes, he plans at the same time to establish a minimum pension of 1,000 €. Measure which is rather addressed to its left side. Rather politically astute, but this comes up against the front of the union refusal and the very great caution of the employers. This one will not fail to underline that the abolition of the special regimes applying only to the new hires, it will not produce effects before about thirty years, while the increase in pensions, they will weigh immediately. on public accounts.

Show that he is an active president

In addition, it is an opportunity for the president to enrich his balance sheet, while his reformer action was diminished by the yellow vests, then seriously hampered by the Covid-19. An attitude fitting with the character, who has already shown his appetite for permanent action and the need to show that he acts where his predecessors had put their mandate on hold, the time of the electoral campaign.

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With such above all symbolic measures, the president is indeed on an election campaign. And Emmanuel Macron’s political objective remains the same as on the first day: to try to fracture the right and the left as much as possible, which for their part cry cynicism.

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