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    Brugnaro and Zaia the most loved mayor and governor

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    IS Luigi Brugnaro (Venice, 65%) the most beloved mayor of Italy: he overtakes Antonio De Caro (Bari, 62%) who slipped from first to third place, with the novelty of Marco Fioravanti (Ascoli Piceno, 64%) in the middle.

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    Surveys for Il Sole 24 Ore on the consent to governors and first citizens emerge from the Governance in 2022 of Noto. The 26 municipalities in which the mayor was elected in June 2022 are not included in the ranking.

    Among the governors, Luca Zaia, president of Veneto, is confirmed at the top of the ranking with 70% of the votes. Zaia, however, this year is closely followed by another Northern League player, Massimo Fedriga, president of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with his exploit reaches 68% and surpasses Stefano Bonaccini (Emilia Romagna), who drops one position, while maintaining a solid level of satisfaction with its 65%.

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    The first citizens of large cities also appear at the top of the ranking, while in recent years they were always penalized. To report the 4th place of Giuseppe Sala (Milan) which reaches 60%, as well as the 5th position of Gaetano Manfredi (Naples), which totals 59.5%, and which he shares in ex aequo with the mayor of Bologna Matteo Lepore.

    The first citizens of Turin and Rome, Stefano Lorusso and Roberto Gualtieri, despite losing some consensus with respect to the result obtained in the recent elections last September, remain well above the 50% threshold, in particular Lorusso is in 15th position with 57% while the mayor of the capital is in the middle of the table with 54%.

    It is clear that many newly elected mayors in their first term pay the price of having to demonstrate to citizens immediately a complete change of pace compared to the past. It is also interesting to note that 62 of the 78 auditors tested receive at least 50% of the votes, an indicator of a strong sentimental bond that has been created with citizens.

    Among the Presidents of the Region, however, in addition to the leading trio, the good performances of many governors should be noted. For example Giovanni Toti (Liguria), who is also the national leader of Italy in the Center, is in 4th place with 61%, increasing by 5 points compared to the day of the elections, so also Roberto Occhiuto (Calabria), elected in the last September, it increased by 3.5% and with 58% conquered the 5th position in co-ownership with Vincenzo De Luca (Campania).

    Also interesting is the seventh position shared between the President of Lombardy Attilio Fontana and that of Sicily Nino Musumeci. Both win 50% of the consensus and it should be noted that in these two regions voting will be held in the coming months, in Sicily in autumn and in Lombardy at the beginning of 2023.

    Moreover, compared to the day of the elections Bonaccini is the president who has increased the most consensus (+ 13.6%) followed by Fedriga (+ 10.9%) and Musumeci (+ 10.2%)

    * METHODOLOGICAL NOTE: The Governance Poll 2022 took into consideration 78 provincial capitals and 18 Regions in which the direct election rule is in force. The 26 municipalities in which the mayor was elected in June 2022 obviously do not fall within the ranking. The interviews were carried out from March to June 2022, the sample size in each Region was 1,000 subjects, in each municipality of 600 voters, disaggregated by sex, age and area of ​​residence.

    Source: Ansa

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