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Earthquake in Forza Italia, Brunetta and Cangini also leave

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Government, Conte leaves Montecitorio without making statements (ANSA)

Earthquake in Forza Italia. After Maria Stella Gelmini, Minister Brunetta and Senator Cangini also leave the party. The Minister of Public Administration in a statement affirms that “by not voting trust in Draghi, Forza Italia has betrayed its history and its values. It is not I who leave, it is Forza Italia that leaves itself”. “By not voting trust in Mario Draghi – says Brunetta in a statement – my party has deviated from the founding values ​​of its culture: Europeanism, Atlanticism, liberalism, the social market economy, equity. I cornerstones of the glorious history of the European People’s Party, to which I am honored to be a member, fully incorporated in the Draghi agenda and in the visionary pragmatism of the NRP “.

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“The right has made an incomprehensible choice that also clashes with the center-right electorate. I have received many messages and emails from entrepreneurs and professionals who do not understand this choice in which calculation and the race to elections prevailed. We know that the incipit for Meloni is the return to the vote. It is regrettable to note that FI and Lega also preferred to follow Meloni’s input rather than focus on the interest of the country “. Like this Maria Stella Gelminiminister for regional affairs, guest of Skytg24.

Andrea Cangini also leaves Forza Italia. This is confirmed by the Italian senator, who yesterday voted for confidence in the Draghi government in dissent from the party, remaining in the classroom unlike the other forces. “I am aware of the fact that, by renewing my confidence in the Prime Minister in line with what Forza Italia said and did up to two days ago, I would have automatically put myself out of the party”, he added.

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Brunetta’s note harsh: “I am proud to have served Italy as minister of this government. Those who have chosen to put partisan interest before the country’s interest in such a serious moment are irresponsible. The increasingly narrow leaders of Forza Italia have flattened themselves on the worst sovereign populism, sacrificing a champion like Draghi, Italian pride in the world, on the altar of the most shortsighted electoral opportunism. I remain on the same side: on the side of the many unbelieving citizens who are writing and calling me, the same ones who in recent days have appealed to Draghi to keep him at the helm of the government “.

“I do not change, it is Forza Italia that has changed – continues the minister – I will fight now so that its culture, its values ​​and its best liberal and moderate energies are not lost and flow into a republican union, firmly anchored to the Euro-Atlanticism. Because we must counter the drift of a political system devoid of antibodies to emancipate ourselves from populism and extremism, bent on those who work to change the geopolitical balance, even by weakening the Western alliance in support of Ukraine. It is a battle for the future that coincides with the defense of my history, and that of Forza Italia “.

Source: Ansa

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