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Calenda opens but does not give up: ‘Agreements on the boarding schools or on their own’

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Brazil, land-art for the victims of the collapse of the Brumadinho dam (ANSA)

The absolute veto on 5 stars, because “whoever votes us knows that we will not make deals with them”. The broadest openness to dialogue, with the note that “alliances will not be made with everyone”. And the theme of the premiership: “Either it’s Mario Draghi or I’d be a candidate”. Carlo Calenda speaks to the potential coalition which, in his intentions, should be formed as a barrier to the “sovereignists who brought down the government”. And he turns to the Pd illustrating, with extreme clarity, the two solutions on the table: “To be a technician on the colleges, keeping our difference, or to go alone”.
Following the presentation of the ‘Republican Pact’ together with Più Europa, the leader of Action aims to remain the protagonist of an agreement in the center-left that builds on the issues: “We have presented an open pact to those who have not brought down Draghi – he affirms -. Letta will make her reflections “. The two could meet very soon, to address this and other open questions. In Action there is an awareness of the different sensitivities in the Democratic Party, but time is running out and you have to decide which side to take. “We are thinking of a Draghi bis government with a strong reformist component and we are candidates to do this, but – Calenda begins – a country cannot stop with just one person, so if tomorrow Draghi says that he is not available then I would apply. , explaining how I intend to govern this country “.
For now, still without allies, it is Matteo Renzi, who comments on the meeting he had yesterday with the Secretary of Action: it went “well, as always between friends, but friendship is not enough, we have to see if we share ideas” . The former premier therefore envisages a “very important step” in which “alliances are not made on the basis of alchemy or the game of couples”, but by focusing on the choices for citizens “: so yes to the Mes for “giving more money to health care, and strengthening the single allowance for children. “If we agree on these things, then we can go to the elections together,” he says.
According to Calenda, the trait d’union can and must be the Draghi agenda. A program also shared by the three ministers who left Forza Italia after the crisis: Mariastella Gelmini, Renato Brunetta and Mara Carfagna. Positive feedback has already arrived from the first, followed by a face to face with the Action leader. The other two, at the moment, are not unbalanced.
On the other hand, the political forces that are already very critical of the “Republican Pact” are Green Europe and the Italian Left. “I have nothing to do with Calenda’s program”, cuts short the head of SI, Nicola Fratoianni. But even among the dem there are some distinctions: “We must carefully consider the alliances, especially with those who can limit our political proposal”, says Matteo Orfini. And her colleague Laura Boldrini warns: “We must also pay close attention to alliances in the electoral campaign, which must be consistent”.

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Source: Ansa

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