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Elections: Calenda, if Letta says no, she is responsible for the breakup

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“If the answer is ‘No’ – in the meantime an answer arrives, we have been waiting for it for a long time – then, dear Enrico Letta, the responsibility for the break will be entirely yours and we will go to fight openly with a credible government proposal, in the proportional, to block the advance of Meloni “. Action leader Carlo Calenda says this in a video on Twitter. “I want to know – explains Calenda – if” the conditions of Action and More Europe “seem absurd or not. To me they seem like the minimum wage in order not to put together a jumble full of different ideas, totally inconsistent and of poor quality”. Calenda asks not to nominate Fratoianni in the single-member constituencies, “who voted 55 times to distrust Draghi”, Bonelli “who does not want the waste-to-energy plant in Rome and regasification plants”, Di Maio “one of the most transforming politicians”. “At the same time, we told Letta that we will not stand for divisive personalities – adds Calenda – It is a matter of common sense”. The other thing is: “Can we have a common program basis? Can we have a clear answer on regasifiers and waste-to-energy plants? Otherwise there is no longer a Draghi agenda”.

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Yesterday Calenda had made three tweets with three No: no to Fratoianni, no to Bonelli, no to Di Maio. 24 hours, perhaps less, from the announcement of the decision that should close the tug-of-war over the alliances of the center-left, the leader of Action had set precise conditions for Enrico Letta’s Dems. Conditions so stringent that the parts of the Nazarene consider them as a very difficult obstacle to overcome. “But not impossible”, optimists observe the bridging parties of the two parties (especially the + Europe side).

Enrico Letta has so far professed calm and openness to dialogue, but at the same time shows the clock to the allies: “We are putting all our effort into convincing all those who want and can be part of our alliance to be there. We do not veto, we do not veto. we have a less than constructive attitude “, but” time passes – he warns – now there is little time ahead “. The main concern of the dem secretary, however, is on the possible political developments of a decision by Calenda: “I feel I can make a heartfelt appeal – he declared – to all those who in these hours have doubts about the fact of creating a large, important and convinced alliance that it is able to beat the right. Those who think that making a third pole that gets in the way is convenient or could be more useful. A third pole right now – he strongly emphasized – is the best way to help the right that do not need further help “.

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Calenda, at the moment, remains on its positions and via social networks continues to instruct the Democratic Party on its rules of engagement: “We discuss what you want, but Action voters cannot ask to vote Di Maio, Bonelli (anti ILVA, waste-to-energy plants and regasifiers) and Fratoianni (who voted 55 times no confidence in Draghi) in single-member constituencies “. An aut to which Green Europe and the Italian Left replied: “Carlo Calenda continues to talk about things he does not know: he should take a tour of Piombino to understand how dangerous a regasification terminal is in the port of the city”, wrote Angelo Bonelli, Eleonora Evi and Nicola Fratoianni comparing “Calenda’s climate policies” to those of Donald Trump on the easy and unchecked permits for the regasification plant. He therefore increasingly uphill road.

Considering also that Calenda disputes Letta himself and his proposal for a dowry to 18-year-olds to be financed with a property for multi-millionaires. “Eighteen-year-olds don’t need a dowry but a quality education and less taxes on work. Action had proposed to focus last year’s cut on children up to 30 years old. Nobody, say nobody, voted for it.” And not very seriously Calenda had taken a background, denied by the Nazarene, who wanted the current Speaker of the House, Roberto Fico, “courted” by the Democratic Party. “Wow” was the astonished and sarcastic reply to the news. After all, and Calenda certainly makes no secret of it, everything that somehow concerns those who voted against the Draghi government and who winks at the 5-star deserters is seen by him as smoke in the eyes.

“If the Democratic Center had not existed, Calenda would not have the symbol either: it relies on that of + Europe which did not exist five years ago, which exists thanks to me. So if Calenda can be present in the elections it is also thanks to me”, says Bruno Tabacci at the presentation of the new political subject, Civic Commitment.

Source: Ansa

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