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Bologna massacre: Bolognesi, ‘silence is still relevant’

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Elections, Di Maio presents Civic Commitment:

“The amazing thing is that so many people who are asked what they did on August 2, 1980 have so many memories to tell. Most of our secret services, questioned in the process, answered the same question that, having passed more than 40 years, they no longer remembered.
The silence is still very insistent in those parts, luckily others have spoken “. This was stated by Paolo Bolognesi, president of the association of the families of the victims of the massacres at the station on August 2, 1980 during his speech in the park of Villa Torchi in next to the block that remembers the children victims of the bomb, referring to the trial truth on the principals recently obtained with the sentence of 6 April 2022 of the Court of Assizes of Bologna which sentenced Paolo Bellini, Piergiorgio Segatel and Domenico Catracchia. “We have had secret services that behaved that way, but who appointed the secret services were the politicians; in 1978 the heads of the secret services were appointed, all registered in the P2 Masonic lodge by the government chaired by Andreotti with the endorsement of Cossiga, Minister of the Interior and – he continues – when we talk about the deviated secret services and the crazy splinters it is a way like any other to limit the responsibility of the politicians who nominated those people. “
Bolognesi talks about power structures that they still want to defend today: “Those who misled, or declared false testimony to the judges and were convicted, the misdirections and false statements made them in 2019 – he says – this means that we speak still current moments, power structures that still need to be maintained today. This is the truth of the trial of first instance, now we will see in the appeal how it will end, but there are proofs that are increasingly difficult to undermine; this truth goes to touching current structures that will be strenuously defended and this must make us think “.

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