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Elections: there is a Letta-Calenda agreement, tension with Si and Verdi

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End of life, Marco Cappato will self-report in Milan for the help provided to Elena (ANSA)

The Democratic Party and Action with More Europe have reached an agreement. After days of back and forth, vetoes and ultimatums, Enrico Letta, Carlo Calenda and Benedetto Della Vedova signed the pact at the end of a two-hour meeting in the Chamber. An “electoral agreement to win against the right,” Letta said. “Today the game reopens”, reiterated Calenda. Polls in hand, the center-left knows that the center-right is by far the favorite. For this reason, Letta has always tried to build as large an alliance as possible. After the farewell to the M5s, guilty of not having voted to trust Draghi, the most courted travel companion was Calenda who, however, was cultivating the temptation to run alone, in the center, on a list with Più Europa. The meaning of the alliance was summarized by Letta: “It is not conceivable that, after Draghi, the country will pass to the government of the right and be led by Giorgia Meloni”. And Calenda: “The electoral agreement reopens the game. All the points that we had asked Letta have been accepted. The votes of Action will not go to those who have discouraged Draghi”. Caustic Giuseppe Conte: “The soap opera is finally over. Good luck to the new batch“.

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The signing of the alliance immediately produced a landslide. For some time the Democratic Party has also had a dialogue with Italian Left and the Greens, who now ask “to verify whether the conditions for an electoral agreement still exist”. For Nicola Fratoianni (Si), “the agreement between the Democratic Party and Action / + Europe is legitimate but not binding on the programmatic issue”. They do not like the reference to the Draghi government, which saw Si and Verdi in opposition, and various passages, such as the one on the green light for regasification plants. A clarification is planned shortly: Letta will meet Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli (Verdi) tomorrow afternoon, at the Nazareno. In truth, the contacts between the three are frequent, even during the day there were at least two: one in the early morning and one in the afternoon. The splinters of the pact have reached even further. Since the agreement provides that no party secretary and no exile from FI and M5s can be candidates in single-member constituencies, the Democratic Party has offered a place in the proportional lists of its Democrats and Progressives “list to the leaders of parties and movements that will join part of the alliance “: it is the so-called right of tribune. The opportunity can tempt those who lead forces that risk not 3% and therefore not to have elected. In Transatlantico, Bruno Tabacci and Luigi Di Maio, founders of Civic Commitment, immediately came to mind. And in fact, in the afternoon the Foreign Minister met Letta, sowing havoc among the parliamentarians who followed him out of the M5s: “If he accepts the right to stand, he abandons us and Civic Commitment jumps”, commented a deputy.

It does not seem that the Democratic Party has made the offer to Matteo Renzi. Despite both Letta and Calenda officially declare that there are no vetoes, the leader of Iv intends to run alone, in the center: the alliance between Pd, Action and + E “has little to do with politics where we are together if you share ideas, “Renzi said. Who then clarified the position of Iv: “What others define loneliness, we call courage. We are the real useful vote”. The understanding between Calenda, Della Vedova and Letta ended in the two hours of conversation. The meeting also risked starting off on the wrong foot, when, before it began, the Democratic Party received a draft agreement written by the counterpart. A leap forward deemed inappropriate by the dem. Then the interview. Among the points of the agreement, the division of single-member seats: 70% for the Democratic Party and 30% for Action + E. But there had been an understanding on that for days. Among those present, there are those who say that the acceleration came when between Calenda’s request not to nominate Fratoianni, Di Maio and Bonelli in the uninominal, and the intention of the Democratic Party not to veto names, the solution to take a step back to all the big names. “We have all shown a great sense of responsibility – said Letta – Italy is worth more than internal discussions”.

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“A coalition is based on programs so now it is necessary to open a reflection. We will have to meet again and take stock of the situation between us”. This was stated by Luigi Di Maio, political leader of Civic commitment, speaking in a brief meeting of the joint with the parliamentarians of his party.

“The PD-Action alliance sheds light on the forces in the field in the next elections. The usual left will compete with the center-right and FdI. The Democratic Party, the extreme left and Action, the rib of the Democratic Party chaired by the MEP elected in the Democratic Party , Carlo Calenda. The story of Moderate Party Action endsan alternative to the left full of taxes, welfare and enemy of the productive class “, declares the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni.

Action throws the mask. It is the fifth column of the Democratic Party and the left. Other than a project to create a new center, other than the Draghi government, simply at the service of those who want the assets for a few more places. ”Antonio Tajani, National Coordinator of Forza Italia writes on Twitter.

Source: Ansa

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