Salvini: “If Lega has one more vote, I’ll be prime minister”

Elections, Lupi and Toti present the new electoral symbol (ANSA)

“There will be a clear vote and therefore there will be no need for a soup, Pd and Five Stars. There will be a government that for 5 years will have a majority and a clear program. We propose fiscal peace, flat tax with a ceiling raised to 100 thousand. euro for the self-employed and a first installment of flat tax also for employees with families with 2 incomes up to 70 thousand euro, stop at Fornero and start towards 41. I don’t think there will be a need to govern with Pd and Cinque Stelle because the Italians I meet have clear ideas “. The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, said this.

“My ambition is, in the center-right that will win, that the League has one more vote than the others and therefore, at most, I will coordinate the table of ministers – he added -. Even if I were prime minister, a particular eye on security issues, that do not have a political color, I will always have one. Even from Palazzo Chigi I would carefully follow the theme of the anti-mafia, the agency of assets confiscated from the mafias and the reassignment of the hundreds of assets seized and not relocated. In Lega there would be at least 20 people who would be able to guarantee public order in the country because we are not lacking in the ruling class “.

The emergency I want to deal with is work that comes first. It means pension reform, tax reform and reintroduction of vouchers for fixed-term work. The Fornero law would kidnap millions of workers in the workplace and deny those jobs to young people. Security is important, but work is a priority “, said Salvini.” When we return to the Government, immigration will return to being contained and we will deal with other things, starting with work – he added -. The work in Sicily and Calabria is linked to the infrastructures as well as the bridge over the Strait which is in the program of the center-right and which would, in fact, give work “.

“Russia has invaded another country, has declared a war that we would have all gladly done without and I hope it ends as soon as possible, Italy’s international position will be as always balanced, as it has always been. We are with the free powers. , democratic, western Italy, historically, has always tried to mediate and therefore we will continue to do what we have always done. The Atlantic alliance is not in question. We need everything except wars “, Salvini said.” Libya and Tunisia are in total instability, we have replaced Russian gas with Algerian gas – he added -, so we will try to have good relations with everyone and solve the problems. I was celebrating the Israeli ambassador finishing office. Friendship with Israel, for example, as far as I’m concerned, will always remain a distinctive trait “.

Source: Ansa

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