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From Abstentionism to Zombies, here is the alphabet of the campaign

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From Abstention to Zombie. The first electoral summer in republican history is producing a debate full of new and unpublished keywords, in view of the opening of the polls on 25 September.
– A as ASTENSIONISM. It is the “black beast” of the elections: all parties do not hide their fear that many Italians decide not to go to the polls, each claiming that those who do not vote benefit the opponent. But also as AGENDA Draghi, claimed with different shades by Renzi, Calenda and Letta.
B as BLOCK NOTEYes, the one on which the center-right plenipotentiaries signed the agreement on the distribution of uninominal seats.
C as COLLEGI, cross and delight by extension in the first electoral competition after the cut of the parliamentarians. But also as a CASACCA, the one that hundreds of parliamentarians from all sides have changed in this legislature.
D as RIGHT OF COURT: thus some large parties ‘host’ members of minor lists in order to ensure that they can have at least one representative in Parliament.
– And as ELECTORAL (reads). It is still the rosatellum, the surviving mix of majority and proportional despite the fact that it has been changed several times.
F as SIGNATURES: those that the parties not represented in Parliament had to gather under the umbrella to present the lists.
– G as YOUTH: all the parties talk about it in their electoral programs, but in the end they represent the biggest unknown factor for abstention. Yet this time the eighteen-year-olds will be able to vote for the first time not only for the Chamber but also for the Senate: until now, to receive the ballot for Palazzo Madama you had to be 25 years old.
F as FASCISM: it is the accusation that is regularly addressed, with related controversies, by the left to the Brothers of Italy. – I for INFLUENCES: those that many fear from Russia over an electoral campaign in which foreign policy and the guarantees of Atlanticism and Europeanism are crucial as never before.
L like WORK. Another issue on which recipes and controversies are wasted, with the Citizenship Income now becoming one of the most divisive topics. – M as MIGRANTS: this is perhaps the topic on which the center-right and center-left are furthest away.
– N as NANO. Silvio Berlusconi’s partner, Marta Fascina, dedicated to Renato Brunetta after his farewell to FI a famous song by Fabrizio De André that tells the story of a dwarf who climbs the steps of a public function, the judiciary.
Or as an OPPOSITION. Limited to a few parliamentarians of FdI and Alternativa in Parliament with the Draghi government, with the new legislature it will fight, whoever it will be composed of.
P for PAR CONDICIO, which many would like to extend to social networks as well as traditional media. But also as PRESIDENTIALISM, a historical workhorse of FdI that is the cause of fractions with the League, which does not like.
– Q as ALTITUDE 41: the minimum for access to the pension with the abolition of the Fornero law is a workhorse of Matteo Salvini.
– R as LIABILITY. The M5s and center-right rebel against the fall of the Draghi government, which also accuses the Democratic Party of having insisted on the Ius scholae in the final part of the legislature.
S like SUPERBONUS: the measure for the increase in construction, the workhorse of the M5s, which accuses Draghi of having slowed it down with increasingly stringent adjustments.
T as a WASTE-TO-ENERGY PLANTforeseen in the Aid dl: it initiated the verification requested by the M5s which led to the government crisis.
– U as UKRAINE: even when it’s not on the front page, the war between Moscow and Kiev looms over the electoral campaign.
– V as VERONA. The city of Romeo and Juliet is the nightmare of the center-right, who in the race for the mayor won by Damiano Tommasi lost for his divisions.
– Z like ZOMBIE: this is how Beppe Grillo defined all those who have turned their backs on the Five Star Movement, starting with Luigi Di Maio, collecting their photos in a kind of sticker album. (HANDLE).

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