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“A year later, Italy continues to help the Afghan people”

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Young man attacked in Crotone, Mihajlovic:

A year after the Taliban’s return to Kabul “the situation for the Afghan population is very worrying: over 50% are in need of humanitarian aid, and 97% are now approaching being below the poverty line. But at the same time the de facto government has not made any kind of opening. Indeed, there has been a progressive regression with regard to the denial of women’s rights, of freedom of expression. And there are no prospects for an inclusive structure of the different ethnic groups and religious minorities of the country, with continuous episodes of revenge against former members of the Republic “.

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Basically, it records “a regression both on the political level and in the conditions of the populationand “. In an interview with ANSA, the Italian ambassador in Kabul gives a picture of the current situation in Afghanistan, Vittorio Sandalliwhich currently operates from Doha “thanks to the antennas in the field, in particular the Italian NGOs that have remained in place, and to a minimal but stable presence of the European Union and that of the UN”.

Now and in the near future “we must continue the efforts we have carried out over the last year, working in two directions: on the one hand, continuing to support the Afghan population through humanitarian aidon the other hand, maintaining the international pressure“, insisting with the regime that” the resumption of girls ‘education, for example, and respect for citizens’ rights contribute to the stability of Afghanistan. As well as the participation of religious and ethnic minorities in decision-making processes “, explains the ambassador. To do this we must also rely” on those countries of the Central Asian region and neighboring countries that are the first to suffer from the country’s instability in terms of flows. migration, terrorist threat and illegal trafficking “. According to Sandalli, it is necessary to involve” moderate Islamic countries and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which are able to bring out the contradictions of the radical and intolerant doctrine implemented by the de facto government “.

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In terms of support for the population, Italy, “among the main donor countries, since September 2021, has significantly increased humanitarian aid, making it also flow funds that were intended for other projects no longer feasible “.

“The aid policy – underlines Sandalli – is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the other administrations involved in a table that also involves civil society organizations. Aid that is channeled through a dozen UN agencies and our NGOs that act as bodies It is certain that humanitarian aid cannot be stopped, a society in which half of the population survives only through aid to basic needs is not sustainable. , to the maintenance of minimal structures, to education. But to do all this it is necessary for the de facto government to have a change of perspective that is currently not in sight – the diplomat notes -.

Meanwhile, our country continues with projects “not only in Afghanistan but also in neighboring countries, especially for assistance in welcoming refugees” and remains committed “to the exfiltration of vulnerable people and family reunification with Afghan citizens residing in Italy “. Finally, concludes the ambassador, “we must keep our attention on the country high. It is inevitable that there will be a gradual reduction in attention: there have also been other emergencies that Italy has had to face” in recent months, such as for example the war in Ukraine. “But at the same time in Italian society there is a widespread awareness of the need to continue to support the Afghan population. And this – assures the diplomat – will last over time”.

Source: Ansa

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