Elections: still controversy over TV comparisons. Salvini: ‘Space for all’

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“I would like everyone to be able to confront everyone, I would like to compare myself with Enrico Letta”. The secretary of the League said so, Matteo Salvini responding, host of Rtl102.5, to the question if he would agree that Giorgia Meloni participate in a confrontation on TV representing the center-right. Then he added: “I hope that everyone on the television networks will have the opportunity to deal with everyone. I am not an organizer of TV debates but the Italians have the right to understand. I would compare myself with Letta in the morning”.

“The first messages this morning I sent to the secretary of the CGIL, CISL and UIL to invite them to visit us, talk about Quota 41 and discuss. I leave the controversy on the candidacies to others”, he continues. “The controversy over TV comparisons is a question posed in the wrong way, I don’t think there will be no chance for Italians to understand the differences and the positions. But it seems to me a badly placed controversy, I don’t get involved in this controversy” replies the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Lettato Matteo Salvini on Radio 24.

” The public service does not make the mistake of preventing citizens from having all the tools to form their own idea of ​​who to vote. All leaders need to be given equal opportunities for discussion. The decision on how to organize your presence on TV should not be left to the parties ”, writes the Usigrai Executive in a note.

” It is not tolerable as declared by the artist Bruno Vespa in an interview with La Stampa, that the debate between Letta and Meloni is “the result of an agreement between the two parties”. It is not a decision that is up to politics. Usigrai once again reiterates the centrality of public service information and has no intention of leaving to other private subjects the role of guarantee which, especially in the electoral period, must belong to the Rai, a company which, we recall, is full of internal professionals who carry out their work seriously, every day ”.

And at the moment it seems that Tg1 has offered to host the comparison. ‘Tg1 and the In-Depth Department – reads a note from Rai – are organizing two “Special Evenings – Confrontation” in which a televised electoral debate will take place according to a pre-established format. The airing of the “comparisons” was scheduled for 7 and 15 September in prime time on Raiuno. Leaders from PD, M5S, Lega, FI, FdI and from the Action-IV list are invited to the evening of 15 September. On the evening of 7 September, the leaders of the other lists and political groups are invited. Exactly as happens on the occasion of major international electoral events, a system of “rules of engagement” will be set up punctually defined to guarantee the protagonists a level playing field and, at the same time, to ensure viewers a debate that is as thorough and engaging as possible. ”.

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