in Oran, the Head of State treats himself to an improvised walkabout

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8:09 p.m., August 27, 2022

Emmanuel Macron concluded his three-day visit to Algeria this Saturday, signing a declaration which “renews their commitment to inscribe their relations in a dynamic of irreversible progress”. But before that, the Head of State enjoyed a walkabout in the streets of Oran which was cut short in the face of the cries of the crowd.

This walkabout was completely improvised when he had just left the Disco Maghreb shop, an emblematic place for Algerian raï music located in the center of Oran. Emmanuel Macron stopped his motorcade and then got out of his car to greet the crowd, but the Algerian security services were in a panic. Police then surrounded the head of state. “There are too many people,” they said.

An electric atmosphere

In this electric atmosphere, Emmanuel Macron serves as the first benevolent hands. But after barely a few seconds, part of the crowd begins to shout: “One Two Three long live Algeria”. Some even hurl insults at the French president.

Among them, this man with his arm raised and his fist closed, a few meters from the presidential car. “We are against France, because France has done us a lot of harm. Our parents died for their country. France, it wants nothing from us, it wants to take, that’s all. We didn’t want of Emmanuel Macron here,” he said.

“He needs to get in touch with the population”

Emmanuel Macron pretends to ignore the ambient hostility while quickly joining his car. The walkabout lasted four short minutes, but seemed like an eternity for those around him. “He needs to get in touch with the population”, justifies one of his relatives. “It was risky, but he knew how to put an end to it”, continues one of his advisers, who lets go all the same relieved: “He felt the moment when it had to stop before it degenerated”.

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