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Parliament, the office of the newly elected in the center of Rome

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All in the dark, almost all without the proclamation. The streets in the center of Rome between Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama are full of parliamentarians waiting to present themselves at Palazzo Madama and Montecitorio for the first formalities in view of the start of the new legislature. Almost all of them share a problem: they have not received the program of their proclamation and therefore, in theory, they think they cannot present themselves at the main door where they will receive the first greeting from the clerks who will then take them to the reception rooms.
The tables of the Giolitti café, in via Uffici del Vicario, are sold out. One of them is also accommodated by a newly elected deputy from Molise who has had a bad sprained ankle, on which she places ice to burn her down.

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ROOM – The reception operations for deputies began in Montecitorio, in the Mappamondo room, in view of the first session of the 19th legislature, on 13 October at 10 am. The first deputy to arrive was Ylenia Lucaselli, re-elected to the Chamber for Brothers of Italy. The outgoing Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando was also among the first to arrive. The newly elected wait in line in the corridor to enter the large room where the stations for data collection and the usual photo to be inserted in the facade have been set up.

SENATE – The welcome for the registration of the first administrative formalities of the senators of the XIX legislature in Palazzo Madama has started. The first to be accredited was Nicola Calandrini (FdI) and immediately after Luca De Carlo (FdI). At 10.30 a dozen senators have already received the kit with the Constitution, the Internal Regulations and the documents for the formalities needed to fully enter, after the election, the 19th legislature.

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The blue was seen among the old guards Maurizio Gasparri in his ninth position in parliament and Adolfo Urso of the Brothers of Italy. While among the freshmen the captain of the Army, Raffaele De Rosa, engaged in the military corps of the Red Cross elected in Campania with M5s; and Costanzo della Porta of FdI, mayor of San Giovanni degli Schiavoni in Molise for six years. “We will work for Italy and for our little Molise,” said Schiavone visibly excited. Alessio Butti also arrived among the Melonian senators, who in the last legislature was in the House.

“Great honor and great prestige to return to the Senate. My commitment will always be to work on what we will bring to Parliament. This time to the opposition and the opposition will have to be reinvented having made the majority minister this is a new role and I will do it with construct and commitment. We will vote for the things that convince us and we will not vote for those that do not convince us “. So the former minister Stefano Patuanelli (M5s) leaving Palazzo Madama after having accredited himself as a senator for the 19th legislature.

“Many of the things you read are the result of conjectures and inferences. Toto football is more realistic than toto ministri”. So the Northern League senator Giulia Bongiorno on the next government team, intercepted by reporters near Montecitorio. Concept reaffirmed also on the hypothesis that it is chosen for the Ministry of Justice or the Interior. Then on the technical ministers, he added: “These are choices that the President of the Republic will make together with the prime minister in charge and I cannot express myself on this, it takes great institutional rigor at this time. These inferences then create unnecessary friction”. Finally, when asked if there are ‘troubles’ between allies on the choice of the President of the Senate, Bongiorno denied: “Grain zero, debates and discussions yes. It is a bit early. The presidency of the Senate will have to go to an authoritative figure. All the names that are made are extremely authoritative “.

“I fulfilled the first steps to prepare, together with my group, to make the opposition. I agree with those who say that they can help the Democratic Party to find a more daily relationship with the real country, reporting daily in parliament and also in the country to the Real Italy “. This is the comment of the dem Walter Verini which passes in this legislature from Montecitorio to the Upper House. The parliamentarian, who is in his fourth term, observes: “On October 13 we take office and the next day, on the 14, is the birthday of the Democratic party because on October 14, 15 years ago, the primaries were held, the legislature began on the day first it can be a good omen, not to hold a congress between us closed, but to resume that original spirit which meant an open party, rooted in the people and not populist “

“Arriving in the Senate involves a great sense of responsibility because the times we live in are difficult. The opposition is an important role: we will be vigilant, we will be constructive but we will not discount. It is undoubtedly a difficult situation for the country and we must be aware of the role. to which we are called “. The neo-senator of the Democratic Party tells reporters at Palazzo Madama, Michele Fina, after having carried out the accreditation procedures for the 19th legislature. He is one of the six youngest senators who on Thursday 13th will be part of the provisional presidential council and will join the life senator Liliana Segre as president for the first session in the Chamber. “To become a senator at 44, I would never have imagined it. – Fina says excitedly – Even if for those who, like me, have a political passion in practice since childhood, institutions remain the highest goal”. Fina is an expert advisor to the Minister of Labor, regional secretary of the party in Abruzzo and adds “for over 20 years I have been involved in ecological transition”.

“This time we are preparing for a legislature in which we will be opposition as we have said, responsible but uncompromising if the Right will try to question the Citizenship Income which is a fundamental support measure for this country or if we try to overturn the Constitution or if immediate responses to the emergency bills are not given. We need immediate responses “. So the leader M5s in the Senate Mariolina Castellone, speaks to the press after being accredited for the new legislature. “On Thursday – he adds – the president of the Senate will be elected in the first session, we hope that he will be a high-profile figure who can best represent all political forces”. “We – informs Castellone – will welcome the new colleagues tomorrow in a meeting in the Chamber with all the newly elected”.

“It is always a thrill to return to the Senate, especially when you are re-elected and on the first day of school”. So the senator quaestor Antonio De Poli to be accredited. De Poli remembers: “this, for me, is the fifth legislature of which 2006/2008 in the Senate, 2008/2013 in the Chamber and then the return to the Senate for three legislatures”. “The entry into the Chamber for the beginning of the legislature is another emotion – he adds – and I also believe that the election of the President of the Senate is the most important election we have at the moment. This legislature must see us all committed to solve problems that are fundamental today: expensive energy, dear bills. We need answers to citizens, families and businesses that are no longer reachable “.

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