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What figures will the government rely on?

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Dimitri Vernet
12:16 p.m., December 06, 2022

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The subject of immigration arrives at the National Assembly on Tuesday, before its official presentation at the beginning of next year. A day of debate during which Elisabeth Borne will submit the main lines of the future asylum and immigration law based on a document that Europe 1 reveals to you.

The subject is highly flammable. Immigration at the heart of the exchanges from this Tuesday in the National Assembly, before its official presentation in early 2023. Elisabeth Borne will submit the main lines of the future asylum and immigration law to the deputies. A debate without a vote. But the Prime Minister wants to find common ground with the opposition. To defend its project, the government will rely on a document that Europe 1 reveals to you. In particular, we can read ten observations on immigration.

Irregular immigration on the rise

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The first: for 20 years, immigration has accelerated in France. The number of immigrants has gone from 7.5% to 10.3% of the total population in 20 years, which represents just over 7 million people. Foreigners distributed very unevenly over the territory: 20% in Île-de-France against only 5% in Normandy or Brittany. There is also the specific case of Mayotte, with 50% migrants.

In the causes that explain these figures comes first the family reason, that is to say people related to French people, spouses, ascendants, parents… followed by the economic reason. Then comes irregular immigration, which is constantly increasing. We see this thanks to the figures of the AME, medical aid allowing foreigners in an irregular situation to benefit from access to care: 380,000 beneficiaries last year against 210,000 ten years ago.

Moreover, the demand for asylum is increasing. France is the second destination of the European Union after Germany. Finally, the document shows that immigrants are more affected by unemployment than the French: 13% against, 7.5%, a consequence of lack of experience or diploma. The government is emphasizing the establishment of special visas for jobs in tension. Problem: the building or personal services are not listed.

Source: Europe1

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