Delmastro: ‘Secrets never revealed’ But the opposition is pressing: ‘Resignation’

It’s time for defense Andrea DelmastroUndersecretary of Justice and MP of FdI, for which the oppositions have asked for his resignation following the statements of his party colleague e Vice President of Copasir, Giovanni Donzelliabout a visit from a Pd delegation in Sassari prison where he was detained under the 41 bis regimeanarchist Alfredo Cospito.

Delmastro states that the information referring to Donzelli “was not classified” and was part of “a report by the Dap”. “I didn’t give any documents, Donzelli asked me questions and I answered him, I don’t think there is inappropriateness, I do it every day with all the deputies”, he added. Has the prosecutor opened a file?” This is so because someone said they were interceptions and environmental uptakes. They will hear me and the file will be closed”. “Even Mulè has fallen into the cultural trap of the left – he added, answering a question on the criticisms of the Forza Italia deputy – that is a report by the Dap, which is made to the government to make the most appropriate choices. It is not an interception or a capture”. “If Giachetti or any deputy had asked me the same questions, I would have answered the same things to him, if I had had a question time I would have been required to ask them even in a more articulated way. Because the alternative was to say ‘no, I’m not here emergencies’, and I would have lied. The other alternative was to say ‘I don’t know’, and I would have omitted. I do not lie and I do not omit”. “It was a report from the Dap which concerned observation in prison, neither wiretapping nor tapping, much less an investigation”he stressed, adding that he has not had, or will have, a confrontation with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

The tension remains high after the intervention of John Donzelli yesterday in the classroom about a visit made by some dem parliamentarians atanarchist Alfredo Cospito, sentenced to 41 bis in prison in Sassari. The Democratic party asked Donzelli to resign from the role of vice president of Copasit because, according to them, for political purposes he would have revealed information covered by secrecy and the result of environmental interceptions in prison. And he extended his resignation request also to the Undersecretary of Justice, Andrea Delmastro for having provided such information. Donzelli does not intend to take any step back because, according to him, the information was available to any parliamentarian. The position of the two parliamentarians is armored by Matteo Salvini. “I don’t think such important positions can be questioned for an afternoon parliamentary controversy”: affirms the deputy prime minister and infrastructure minister. “I count on it all ending with a handshake,” he adds. “Everyone contributes to not turning on the climate and to dilute the tones“.

Meanwhile the Rome prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation file in the light of a complaint presented by the Green Party MP Angelo Bonelli in relation to the story of the FDI deputy Giovanni Donzelli who in the classroom “made public environmental interceptions of the Dap between members of the ‘Ndrangheta and the Camorra with Alfredo Cospito “. The complaint assumes the crime of disclosure and use of official secrecy.

This morning the Pd has retracted the request for resignationalso extending them to Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro and asking for an intervention by the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio. “We have had confirmation that Mr. Donzelli did not have access to the documents at the Ministry as he had awkwardly tried to justify himself in the courtroom. The revelation comes, by his own admission, from Mr. Delmastro Delle Vedove, who, as undersecretary for justice with responsibility for the Dap, he has access to information covered by secrecy. He disclosed its content so that his colleague Donzelli could use them by exploiting them against the Democratic Party. Therefore, there is no longer just one problem Donzelli who cannot remain second in addition in a delicate role such as Copasir (the safety of Italians is in danger if the vice president of Copasir is a leaker of confidential information and in doing so he does not even realize that he has committed an offence). There is also a case of Delmastro Delle Vedove who cannot stay a second longer at the Ministry. The presence of a person who reveals the most confidential and highly sensitive information for the fight against the mafia and terrorism cannot remain one second longer in via Arenula. However, if President Meloni does not intervene, then there is a Meloni case because, given the relations he has with the two, if he does not invite them to resign, we are entitled to think that he has approved or tolerated the plan and strategy of the two exponents of the Brothers of Italy”. So Debora Serracchiani, Pd group leader in the Chamber .

“If ever I, or any member of Copasir were to reveal information obtained thanks to their role in Copasir, during Copasir meetings or by studying Copasir documents were to reveal it externally, they would do well to resign. But this is not the case because it has nothing to do with it. It is clear how things went”. It is the answer of the hon. Giovanni Donzelli at Agorà Rai Tre when asked if he will resign from Copasir. “What I reported were not wiretaps, but a conversation picked up in prison and included in a report by the Ministry of Justice, the content of which, as a parliamentarian, I could be made aware of. Paradoxical that the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party, instead of explaining why they went to see Cospito and what they think of the 41 bis, attack me”. Donzelli said in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “I have not divulged wiretaps, but I have spoken of what was reported in a report to the Ministry of Justice of which, as a parliamentarian, I was able to know the content. I have not violated secrets”. “They have not given me any confidential documents – he continues – Wanting to learn more about the Cospito affair, I asked undersecretary Andrea Delmastro for detailed information”. and specifically of Cospito at 41 bis. They stutter. Released from prison, they said that the penalty must be humane. But Cospito does not suffer any inhuman treatment. Apologize to them. With the Italians,” added Donzelli.

And in support of the two parliamentarians intervenes the barrage of the majority. “On the secrecy or otherwise of Mr Donzelli’s quotes, reading the minutes, it seems to me that there are no quotation marks and therefore there is no passage that has been taken from this or that report. There may be a ‘exemplification of what is short-cut information in which there is no element of secrecy. Information is different from wiretaps,’ he said Tommaso Foti, group leader of Fratelli d’Italia to the Chamber, entering Montecitorio. The vice president of the Chamber and Forza Italia deputy Giorgio Mulè is tougher: ‘It will be up to the jury of honor to establish if and how much Donzelli’s expressions have gone off the rails. It is not a commission that is used often, demonstrating how serious Donzelli’s initiative was, which soiled an important moment of sharing in the fight against the mafia ‘, he affirms in an interview with La Stampa.

The ECR conservative group at the Eurochamber, which includes the Brothers of Italy delegation, will ask for a change to the agenda of today’s plenary session in Brussels to include a debate on the Cospito case. This was revealed by sources inside the Ecr. The theme of the debate that will be asked by the conservatives will be the “violent left-wing extremism and the terrorist actions of anarchists in Europe”

Source: Ansa

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