Dispute over tenant protection: coalition partners accuse Buschmann of blocking behavior

After the German Tenants’ Association, the Greens and SPD also accuse Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) of blocking agreed reforms to protect tenants. The criticism is that although specific measures have been agreed in the coalition agreement, Buschmann has not yet adjusted the tenancy law. The ministry points out that coordination between the departments in the federal government is still pending.

Tenants must finally be protected from the further rise in prices, said the housing policy spokeswoman for the Greens parliamentary group, Christina-Johanne Schröder, the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. “Because in contrast to falling real estate prices, rents continue to rise.” Buschmann had already promised a corresponding design of his house for last year.

The German Tenants’ Association had also complained that Buschmann had not taken the steps agreed in the coalition agreement even after more than a year of traffic light government. The coalition laboriously negotiated compromises “that the Minister of Justice simply will not implement”.

I can only warn against delaying political decisions at the expense of tenants.

Bernhard Daldruphousing policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group

The housing policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Bernhard Daldrup, also referred to clear agreements that the FDP had also signed. These measures were agreed in the coalition agreement and are not the subject of further negotiations, Daldrup told the “Rheinische Post”: “I can only warn against delaying political decisions on the backs of the tenants.”

The “Bild” newspaper had reported that the Ministry of Justice had a draft bill for legal regulations, but had so far been withheld. A ministry spokesman said the bill would be presented after the departmental vote. He did not name a time.

The coalition of SPD, Greens and FDP has agreed on several concrete measures to protect tenants. For example, the cap on rent increases in conurbations with tight housing markets is to be lowered. The rental price brake, which is limited to 2025, is to be extended to 2029. In addition, the traffic light coalition wants to reform the rent index.

Green party leader Katharina Dröge is also calling for rents that are linked to inflation to be regulated. “Inflation has risen so much that it will be a shock for many tenants when the increase comes,” she told the newspapers of the Funke media group. The topic is not included in the coalition agreement, “but we have to discuss with the coalition partners how we can regulate index rents”.

With an index rent, it is agreed in the rental agreement that the basic rent will increase if consumer prices rise. The Federal Statistical Office regularly determines the prices and publishes them in the so-called consumer price index. (epd)

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