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End of life: the evasive and fluctuating positions of Emmanuel Macron

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The citizens’ convention on the end of life must report the conclusions of its work on April 2. Emmanuel Macron remains extremely cautious and does not reveal his intentions. It must be said that his positions on the subject are, to say the least, evasive and fluctuating.

It is a sensitive and divisive debate that President Emmanuel Macron is approaching with great caution. So much so that if the citizens’ convention is due to report the conclusions of its work on April 2, the President does not reveal anything about his intentions.

Emmanuel Macron still undecided on the subject

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Emmanuel Macron is not convinced on the question of end of life, at least, he does not express any. And the little he can say about it regularly tends to contradict itself. Each of his statements – so much they differ according to the circumstances – give a glimpse of doubt.

A year ago, two weeks before the first round of the presidential election, the president-candidate said he was in favor of France moving towards the Belgian model, in other words towards the decriminalization of euthanasia. Six months later, last September, same story. “We will do it. The law will be in 2023”, he promised Line Renaud, an activist for this cause. But two weeks later, Emmanuel Macron changes hands. The tenant of the Élysée assures that he has no model in mind and that he has no official position.

The Head of State organized a dinner to form his opinion

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After a trip to the Vatican and an exchange with Pope Francis, Emmanuel Macron also confides his questions: “Does my death belong to me? I’m not sure I have the answer.” Just last week, the Head of State received philosophers, doctors, elected officials and religious for dinner to form his opinion, pending the recommendations of the citizens’ convention.

Source: Europe1

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