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Pension reform: the executive weakened after the use of 49.3

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In the aftermath of the use of article 49.3 by the government to pass the bill on pension reform, the president is faced with a major challenge: to regain control of the situation. But what option will Emmanuel Macron seize, called to resign by his opponents?

This Friday, the French are back on the streets. The day before, the government passed the pension reform bill, triggering a wave of protests across France. In the hemicycle too, many parliamentarians show their disagreement. Are Elisabeth Borne and her government weakened?

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The Prime Minister had made compromise her common thread at Matignon. Result: she put all the unions in the street and the agreement she made with the Republicans did not bear fruit in the Assembly. His opponents are already calling for him to resign and his place at Matignon also fractures Macronie. The president will therefore try to regain control. But now, Emmanuel Macron seems to have only bad options in front of him: to continue without changing anything, reshuffle or dissolve. But with what result?

Public opinion not prepared for 49.3?

How did the executive get there? A heavyweight from Macronie assures that in reality, two hypotheses have been studied in recent days: that of 49.3, but also that of going to the vote while having the certainty of losing. Because the counts sent on Sunday by Les Républicains showed that it was impossible to win.

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However, publicly, the main leaders of the presidential camp multiplied the outings to ensure that there was indeed a majority to vote for this reform. Nothing was done to prepare public opinion for 49.3 and the executive gave the impression of acting in haste.

Source: Europe1

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