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Barelli, ‘Ostia federal center open to Ukrainian swimmers’

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Ukraine, Anonymous challenges Putin:

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 27 – “We are ready to host Ukrainian swimmers at the federal center of Ostia who, due to the war, are unable to continue preparatory activities in view of international commitments”. President Paolo Barelli met Yaroslav Melnyk, Ambassador of Ukraine in Rome this morning, and, as part of a broad analysis on the developments of the dramatic situation in Ukraine and the international context, reiterated the assistance already guaranteed to the president of the Ukrainian swimming federation Andriy Vlaskov.

“We can only express solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all their athletes – underlines President Barelli – The Italian Swimming Federation is ready to offer its facilities to guarantee training in complete safety and alleviate, as far as possible, the dramatic consequences of the war.

There is great concern and I hope that the world of sport will also do its utmost with concrete actions to support Ukrainian friends in a scenario that we never wanted and thought we would experience, after two years of pandemic that should have fueled brotherhood and sharing. among peoples. War is never an answer “. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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