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F1: Imola; Pirelli announces tire sets for the first Sprint 2022

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(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 18 – Formula 1 returns to Imola, the first (the other being Monza) of the two home races for Pirelli. The C2, C3 and C4 compounds have been nominated for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, respectively the P Zero White hard, the P Zero Yellow medium and the P Zero Red soft. Same nomination as last year, even if the compounds of the 18 inches are obviously different.

The tires are completely new, but the Imola track has remained unchanged from last season: old school style and tight. The asphalt – recalls the Italian tire manufacturer – dates back to 2011 so the surface is quite abrasive. This is why the mix jump between medium and soft, adopted for Australia a couple of weeks ago, is not feasible here: the more mature Imola surface generates more grip and therefore more heat in the tires and for this a soft compound is required. more robust.

The first Sprint of the year will take place in Imola – adds Pirelli -. The rules have been slightly revised compared to last season and now there are even more points up for grabs.

First of all, from this year the pole position will be attributed to the fastest driver in the qualifying session on Friday who will also be the winner of the Pirelli Pole Position Award. The tire rules are the same as last year’s sprint racing events: instead of having 13 sets of tires like weekends without Sprints, there will only be 12 sets. Of these two sets of P Zero White hard, four of P Zero Yellow medium and six of P Zero Red soft. In addition, teams will have up to six sets of intermediate Cinturato Green and three full wet Cinturato Blue sets in case of rain. “Imola – Pirelli reminded – is an old-fashioned and demanding track, overtaking can be difficult also because the circuit in some places is rather tight. So a strategy designed to avoid traffic is likely. The teams here start from scratch in terms of knowledge of tires both because the compounds are completely different this year and because the 2021 race took place with wet tires before the long break for the red flag “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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