Football: Spanish Super Cup, Pique ‘I have nothing to hide’

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(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 19 – “I am very proud of this agreement because for Spanish football it is an important agreement, totally legal and in my opinion there is no conflict of interest”.

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique appeared in a press conference live on his Twitch channel in which he answered all the questions that more than 40 connected media wanted to ask him about the incident relating to the commissions on the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, for which the club of the former Barcelona defender receives a total of 24 million euros. “What I will not do – Pique said as reported by ‘El Mundo Deportivo’ – is to make decisions according to what people think. I have nothing to hide. This is why I am here and if necessary I am here until three in the morning. We have very good contacts in the Middle East and people in Saudi Arabia told us they wanted to bring football competitions to their country. Seeing the landscape we decided to speak with Rubiales (president of the Spanish Football Federation, ed) to see if they would be interested in moving the football club. Super Cup outside Spain. We proposed to Kosmos (Piqué’s club, ed) to change the format as well. In hindsight it was a success and the people are super-passionate. ” (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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