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    Football: Sara Gama “with professionalism, protection and growth for us”

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    Jill Biden in Europe to meet Ukrainian refugees (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – ROME, MAY 03 – “I am proud to have contributed to the growth of women’s football”. Sara Gama, captain of Juventus and of the national team, is the sixth player to enter the Italian football hall of fame: she is one of the symbols of the female ball and she certainly has no intention of stopping.

    Gama, who is also AIC vice president and former federal councilor, collects the legacy of Morace, Panico, Gabbiadini, Vignotto and Bertolini. A recognition that dates back two years ago, but which due to the pandemic will be given to her – together with Barbara Bonansea, who entered a few months ago – at the end of the month: “I’m proud, it means I’ve done good things and I like to think I have them. made both on and off the pitch, giving my contribution to the growth of our sport “. In 2019 Forbes included her among the hundred most influential women in Italy, the following year she was elected vice president of AIC, the first woman in history to hold this position, and in 2021 she joined the National Athletes Commission of CONI. “I am not afraid to have responsibilities – she adds – I have always considered it a great honor”.

    With the national team now the challenge with the Europeans: “We want to show our strength at the European Championship and then in September go and get the world qualification. We deserve these stages”. The bases to move forward are there, and now with the turning point of professionalism a lot will change. “The players who play and those who will play will be able to count on recognized protections, such as insurance and retirement, this is the engine that pushed us to fight to get what we were entitled to. On the other hand, we will have the opportunity to definitely launch. this discipline, which is a part of the football system with enormous potential not yet exploited, investing in order to compete at the highest levels and aim for victory.

    Both aspects are of enormous value and will foster the development of our sport, which will benefit everyone, not just the athletes. Professionalism means this “. (ANSA).

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    Source: Ansa

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