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Historical sanction to Öncü for causing a serious accident in Moto3

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The MotoGP stewards have gotten serious with the sanctions to avoid more deaths. In the last five months, three teenage drivers have lost their lives: Jason Dupasquier, Hugo Millán and Dean Berta Viñales. From MotoGP they want to try to end these tragedies and have sent a message through Denis Öncü. The Ottoman Pilot has received one of the largest penalties in the history of motorcycling after the multiple accident caused in the GP of Las Américas, with Alcoba, Migno and Pedro Acosta involved.

Pioneer has been sanctioned with two great prizes without running, that is It will not be in either the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix or the Algarve Grand Prix. The commissioners have had no mercy in imposing the punishment on the Turk. Not even the fact that he was going to apologize to Alcoba after the race has been taken into account to reduce the penalty. He maintains fifth place as the classification was based on the positions after the first red flag for the Salac incident, and this happened in the second race.

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The accident was pretty tough. In the second round, Deniz crossed on the straight and Jeremy Alcoba, who could not avoid him, He touched him from behind on the straight and went to the ground. The Catalan Gresini Racing driver, who was sixth at the time, was left lying in the middle of the track. Migno and Acosta came from behind and hit his Honda. The two flew off, but miraculously nothing happened to them and they all came out unharmed.

According to the statement issued by the commissioners, Öncu «he caused an accident by crossing into the path of another rider on the straight that joins Turns 11 and 12 ». For this reason they have imposed the harsh sanction of not being able to race either in Misano or in Portimao, so the Turk will not compete again until the last test of the season in Cheste.

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“It was an almost fatal fall”

After what happened, Bedroom counted scared into the microphones of DAZN what it had felt like to hit the 53 and shot out. «At that moment, well I just shit on myself because what has happened these months has come to my head. I knew I was sixth, I had a lot of bikes behind me and I was scared. I said to myself: “Anything can happen to me.” Luckily the three of us are fine and nothing has happened ».

Andrea Migno it was pronounced with a speech in the line of the one of Alcoba: «It was a near fatal fall. Something else doesn’t have to happen for things to change. It is very dangerous to run like this. Luckily, I am only afraid of the fall, but it could have been worse ». Acosta, for his part, took it differently and acknowledges that he was already prepared to get back on track.

«I had already changed my jumpsuit to go out on another race. This is quickly forgotten. Could have been worse», He commented and then explained what he saw from his position:« I saw that Alcoba did something strange with the body, but I had other pilots in front of me. I found the motorcycle in front of me, they are things that happen ».

In MotoGP they endorse the sanction

Meanwhile, in MotoGP they gave their approval to the punishment imposed by the judges. «It was a moment of fright. It was the action of a pilot that generated all this. He changed the trajectory on the straight. It is a very strong sanction. It was not his intention, but they have to go in this direction if you want to end these actions. It is the way to stop them, especially in the small categories ”, asserted Marc Márquez.

fourth rare and Bagnaia they also supported the punishment of the Turk. You can’t change the trajectory on the straight. It was not his intention to generate something like that. In the race, we have to have sanctions this big“Commented the French while the Italian became even more serious:” It is not the first time that someone does this. Rodrigo did it in Barcelona, ​​but luckily nothing happened. We are seeing a lot of strange actions. It’s lucky that nothing happened. It is positive that you have received this type of penalty, is the only way to induce a change, but they have to do something else».

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