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Athletics: from 200 to 1500 at the Games there will be repechage

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 25 – The Council of ‘World Athletics’ has approved an innovation regarding the format of the competitions that will go into effect from the 2024 Paris Games, introducing a repechage round in all individual track events from 200 at 1500 meters, including obstacle events.

In the new format, athletes who do not qualify in the heats of the first round will have a second chance to access the semifinals by participating in the repechage heats. All this will replace the previous system of athletes advancing through the fastest times among the excluded (q) in addition to the top finishers in the heats of the first round (Q).

“Now these races will now have four rounds – it is written in a note from ‘World Athletics’ -: round one, repechage round, semifinals and final, with schedules that vary according to the specific nature of the event. The new format means that each athlete who competes in events with a repechage round will take part in at least two rounds at the Olympic Games “.

All this, it is specified, does not apply to the 100 meters “because they already have the preliminary round, which precedes the first round”, and therefore in the 100 “the repechage will not be introduced” – There will not even be in the “distance races” ( from 3000 to 10,000 hedges) “since the need for proper recovery between rounds makes the format impractical”.

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe explained that “after consulting our athletes and the various broadcasters, we believe this is an innovation that will make it easier for athletes to progress through these events and create anticipation for fans and fans alike. The repechage rounds will give greater visibility to our sport during the peak period of the Olympics and will be carefully planned to ensure that every event in our Olympic program maintains its odds. ” (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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