Friendlies: Monza-San Giuliano 3-2

(ANSA) – MONZA, 31 JUL – Monza beat San Giuliano City 3-2 in comeback, newly promoted to Serie C, in its fifth and last summer friendly, played in Monzello.

Harsh notes in the first half, when Monza completely changed the eleven that the day before had liquidated Novara 5-0. The first 45 ‘of the race are at a small trot, in front of a motivated and reactive opponent. Anastasia and Qeros take the measures, Cragno risks with his feet on Cogliati, who demands a penalty. The yellow-green goal comes immediately after the break, with Qeros turning well on Carlos in the area and throwing her in.

Antov replies with a header 2 ‘later but before the break Anastasia scores the 1-2 with a shot around.

At the change of court, Stroppa does not change anything but the pace rises, also because the risk of a fool hangs over the Brianza area.

Carlos rises from the position of third defense in which he had slipped and throws the 2-2 goal into the goal. The overtaking goal was signed by Antov, on the day of his unprecedented double, after a touch from Colpani. After the tests, for Monza next Sunday will be the Italian Cup with Frosinone, pending the official status of Marlon, expected this week. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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