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Premier: another summer crazy expenses, 65 million for Cucurella

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The last, in chronological order, has a surname that lends itself to the easiest irony, Marc Cucurella, a Spanish full-back that Chelsea overpaid at Brighton: yet another madness of English football that knows no crisis but continues, punctually at every session of market, to spend as if there was no tomorrow.
Growing up in the youth teams first of Espanyol then of Barcelona, ​​his professional debut with the Eibar shirt, then the two seasons at Getafe that brought him to the Premier League, at Brighton. The definitive consecration of him, until the call this summer of Chelsea, ready to pay 60 million euros for his services.
Stratospheric evaluation for a defender certainly of value, already in the round of the Spanish national team, but still far from being a champion, if he ever will become one. Yet the interest of Manchester City was also enough to trigger a millionaire auction, making his evaluation jump into the air, confirming the excessive economic power of the English teams.
On the other hand, even this summer, seven of the ten most expensive transfers recorded in Europe involved clubs across the Channel. Starting with Liverpool who replaced Sadio Mané with the Portuguese talent Darwin Nunez from Benfica, and already renamed Mr 100 million. Not least the City, which paid 75 million to give a center forward (Erling Haaland, from Borussia Dortmund) to Pep Guardiola.
Also impressive are the 70 million spent by Tottenham for the Brazilian Richarlison, as well as the 56 still of Chelsea for Raheem Sterling. But the purchase figures are only the tip of the iceberg: in the case of Haaland, for example, the total to be paid by the City will be 330 million, considering the salary to be paid to the attacker for five seasons and the commissions, it seems about 40. million, to the agent.
These are gigantic investments, which follow each other at each market session, thanks to the sumptuous revenues guaranteed by the sale of the TV rights. Because beyond the revenues from merchandising and ticketing (the stadiums are also full in Germany), the transfer of broadcasting rights to the matches is the most substantial item in the balance sheets of English clubs. For the three-year period that has just begun, the Premier will break through for the first time the 10 billion pounds ceiling (just under 12 billion euros) for the sale of rights both in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. A blunder when compared, for example, with what Serie A collects, forced to settle for just over a billion euros a year.
The consequence is obvious: in England every year the clubs are covered by a shower of money, unimaginable (in quantity) at any other latitude. And from which all clubs benefit in a truly collective way. If it is true, in fact, that in the last season, Manchester City, champions of England, collected just under 200 million euros, the last classified, Norwich, still took home more than 115 million. Enough to keep feeding a nabob market.

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