Serena Williams: between slam, look and fashion, always queen

Serena Williams entrusted the announcement of the upcoming goodbye to tennis to a cover of Vogue less than a month ago. Almost a declaration of intent, given the passion that the strongest tennis player of all time has always had for the world of fashion. A never banal look on the pitch, at the cost of transgressing ancient conventions, the American in 2018 launched her fashion line and the following year she made her first catwalk in New York. She is the head of a clothing brand (“S By Serena”), a jewelry line (“Serena Williams Jewelry”), she has collaborated with great designers and has been on the front page of Vogue several times. Now she will have all the time to develop this artistic and entrepreneurial vein of hers, sharing her mother’s commitments

“I knew I had two loves, tennis and fashion, and that I had to find a way to reconcile them”, he wrote years ago on his Instagram account, but this was already evident by scrolling through the images of his exceptional career, where Serena in addition to the trophies in the field he often exhibited unusual suits that the year also exposed to the crosshairs of critics, at times ferocious. But nothing made her give up on proposing herself with original, colored, perforated or tight-fitting suits. Impossible not to remember the short, tight black suit of the US Open 2002, which many compared inelegantly to a diving suit, but at Flushing Meadows the American also took to the field with leather boots and a tutu. In Australia, she wore a perforated skirt that she herself would have considered “inappropriate” had she been shorter, and last year she wore a very colorful, one-leg covered one-piece suit. Among so many ideas, some provocations and some marketing choices, Serena has never given up the role of prima donna. Also for this reason, women’s tennis risks finding itself with a double void to fill.

Source: Ansa

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