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how much will the big winner of the competition get?

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Juliette Moreau Alvarez
06:00, November 23, 2022modified to

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07:12, November 23, 2022

This is certainly not what motivates the Blues to bring the cup home, but it is still a big bonus: the bonuses paid by Fifa during this World Cup in Qatar. In total, the federation’s endowment amounts to 440 million dollars, or just over 429 million euros, distributed among the participants according to their ranking. That’s $40 million more than in 2018. Also, the more matches teams win, the more money they earn. And it’s a hell of a fortune that awaits the winner of the competition.

At least $30 million for the podium

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In 2018, the Blues received 38 million euros thanks to their first place at their World Cup in Russia. This year, the world champions will be entitled to an increase and will receive no less than 42 million dollars, or nearly 41 million euros. The team that loses in the final will be able to console themselves with a bonus of 30 million dollars (29.2 million euros).

The winning federation of the small final will leave with 27 million dollars (26.3 million euros). Even those who fall off the podium will be honored by Fifa for reaching fourth place, with 25 million dollars or just over 24 million euros. Something to make you dizzy.

A qualifying bonus

The other teams will have to share the rest, which is still $316 million. The countries that will climb to the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th places, that is to say until the quarter-finals, will be entitled to a bonus of 17 million dollars each (16.5 million euros) . The teams that reach the round of 16 will each receive 13 million dollars (12.6 million euros). Finally, the sixteen other countries will leave with 9 million dollars (8.7 million euros) each as a consolation prize.

But it is not finished. A qualification for the World Cup already opens the door to a participation bonus. Fifa also specifies that in addition to the endowment, “each participating member association is allocated 1.5 million dollars [1,4 million d’euros, ndlr] as a contribution to the costs of its preparation”. To find out who will win what sum, see you on December 18 for the long-awaited final of the 2022 World Cup.

Source: Europe1

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