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sports predictions boost business

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The World Cup has indeed started with the victory of the France team on Tuesday against Australia. If this meeting took place in the evening, the other matches take place during the day, something to talk about in the workplace. Companies allow their employees to watch the game and even make predictions. A way to strengthen the ties between employees and to brighten the daily life of the company. Illustration in a subsidiary of Volkswagen, where the management has set up a real game of predictions. The different concessions but also the employees clash, enough to add spice to the conversations in front of the coffee machine.

Jerseys to be won

In the cafeteria or in the corridors of Volkswagen Groupe Retail France, decorated for the occasion with soccer balls, this is the main topic of discussion for Lina and her colleagues. “We say ‘well what did you put, did you put Argentina?’, we try to find out who put what to try to have good predictions and that we have the best score.” Bad pick, however, for Paul, employed at headquarters, who did not start this World Cup very well. “I got Argentina completely wrong, and I didn’t tie Denmark and Tunisia, I put Denmark as the winner.”

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For this supporter who does not miss a match, it is still necessary to get in the leg. “I’m not very well at the moment,” he admits. Not many points for Paul therefore, but also for his team: for this game, all the branches of the company in France compete against each other. The marketing director of the box, Brice Renvoizé, is on the initiative. “The advantage is that it’s very fun. You register quickly on the application, even the teams are already created. During the three weeks to a month of competition, it will animate internal communication and discussions around the coffee machine,” he says.

A game that has already attracted more than 500 company employees. As a result, many prizes, with the first French team jerseys to be won.

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Source: Europe1

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