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against Poland, “we will have to go quickly” warns Wendie Renard

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Jacques Vendroux
1:43 p.m., December 04, 2022modified to

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1:45 p.m., December 04, 2022

A few hours before the start of the France-Poland match, the first knockout match for the Blues at this World Cup, the fervor is gradually taking hold of Doha. Among the very popular teams in Qatar, notably Argentina, Senegal or England, France has its place in the hearts of the fans. Everyone is impatiently awaiting the France-Poland match, as if the “Blues phenomenon” had taken root among the Qataris.

A composition identical to the match against Denmark

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On the score sheet, everyone is in their place. The composition is identical to that of the match against Denmark, a certain form of security on the part of Didier Deschamps. Hugo Lloris will be in goal, Koundé in defense. Varane will be present as will Upamecano and Théo Hernandez, who becomes one of the most important men in this team since he is the only left side of the Blues.

In the midfield we find Tchouaméni, who takes a lot of size in this team of France. The essentials Griezmann, Rabiot, Dembélé, Mbappé and Giroud will also be present on the pitch. At stake, qualification for the quarter-finals but also several records that the players of this World Cup are beginning to collect.

A cascade of records

Lloris’ record first, which equals Lilian Thuram’s selection record with this match, ie 142. The Blues goalkeeper also has 118 captaincy and 61 matches with the France team without conceding a single goal. A man who returns to each meeting even more in the legend of the Blues.

Another record that pleases many supporters is that of Olivier Giroud. If the Frenchman scored this Sunday against Poland, he would exceed Thierry Henry’s record and score a 52nd goal. A goal from Giroud is also a small chance of qualifying for the quarter-finals. To a goal, therefore, of total happiness.

“We will have to go quickly” warns Wendie Renard

Faced with a Lewandowski in great shape, the France team will have to return to old-fashioned football, that is to say, make individual marking to neutralize great players, as was done with Pelé, Maradona , Platini or even Zidane. One objective: not to let go of a sole. Above all, you must not give him the opportunity to have the ball in the penalty area, otherwise there is danger. Nevertheless, it should not be imagined that the Pole can do everything alone.

For Wendie Renard, French international and consultant for Europe 1 throughout the Football World Cup, we must be wary of Lewandowski, one of the best center forwards in the world and a fiery scorer. “It’s a great Polish team,” she admits. “They don’t have a game like ours or even like other nations, but they have an exceptional goalscorer.”

Lewandowski is not the only asset of this team, which managed to climb into the round of 16. Wendie Renard also emphasizes “compact, very tight lines” and a “good goalkeeper”. “We will have to be very fair technically, put the rhythm. The very few times they will go out to recover the ball. We will have to go quickly”, warns the Europe 1 consultant. Another important point, “keep your emotions under control “. And then, to finish “with the ball, to hurt”, concludes the tricolor international.

Source: Europe1

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