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2-0 win against Lichtenberg: Tennis Borussia finally wins again and makes a political statement

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17th place, twelve defeats and only the second win of the current season – after the final whistle of the game on Friday evening, the relief was written on the faces of the Tennis Borussia players. Finally they could be happy about three points again. Nonetheless, there was no exuberant celebration.

From 15 matchdays in the league they were only able to get seven points. A pointless November and the disastrous performances of the season are also reflected in the table for Tennis Borussia. They even lost 3-1 against their neighbor Luckenwalde, who hadn’t won until then, in the week before last. And in the Berlin Cup, they made a fool of themselves in a duel against the national league team FC Liria, and were eliminated in the round of 16.

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Preliminary conclusion: Things are not going well at the Berlin regional league. At least they could cheer in the city derby against SV Lichtenberg 47 on Friday evening. The Lichtenbergs are currently in a slightly better position than Abu Njie’s team with an equally weak record of 13 points from 15 games, but TeBe won the basement duel. In the end it was 2:0. TeBe hasn’t had three points for a long time. The last win was five weeks ago. On the ninth day of the game, the Charlottenburgers were able to get the only three of the season against the winless bottom team from Halberstadt.

It was 2-0 at half-time

From the start, the 450 spectators in the Mommsen Stadium saw a game in which highly concentrated Borussia with significantly more shares of the game dominated the initial phase and quickly rewarded themselves when they took the lead through Eke Uzoma in the 20th minute of the game. Shortly before half-time, the table penultimate even managed to follow up after a wonderfully played counterattack.

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Luca Biagio Marino made it 2-0 in the 41st minute and it was half-time. After that, not much happened. The highlight of the second half was the sending off of the Lichtenberg striker in the 70th minute of the game. On the 15th day of the game, TeBe was able to win the second win of the season.

In addition to football, the club focused on another topic on Friday evening: support for the protests in Iran. For this purpose, the club made special jerseys with the slogan “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi” on the chest, with which the players ran out.

The central battle cry of the protests in Iran means “woman, life, freedom”. Under this motto, demonstrators across Iran are fighting for women’s rights, human rights and the end of the repressive system.

Solidarity shirts with the inscription are also sold in the TeBe fan shop. According to Tennis Borussia, the campaign is dedicated to the brave people in Iran and donates the proceeds to the women’s and human rights organization HA’WAr.help.

With the victory in the special jersey, TeBe not only made a political statement, but also took a small step forward in the fight against relegation. Even if the positioning in the table hasn’t changed after the game, it’s an important three points for the regional league team to close the gap to 16th place. Next week, the Berliners will be away to ZFC Meuselwitz, who are currently in 14th place. In order to continue fighting their way out of the basement, TeBe wants to take important points with them before the winter break. It will also be seen there whether the sense of achievement on Friday has released new strengths in the team.

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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