Only 0-0 in Cologne: Turbine Potsdam is clinging to the next straw

Turbine Potsdam is not yet beaten in the women’s Bundesliga. “There are still enough games that we can win. Let’s raise hope. After the swatter in Wolfsburg, the girls got on their knees,” said Potsdam’s team boss Dirk Heinrich after the 0-0 defeat of the bottom of the table against the penultimate 1. FC Köln in a catch-up game on Tuesday evening at “MagentaSport”. Turbine has the second point after 15 games, Cologne has ten points more.

In the game, which was balanced over long stretches, Potsdam chances were very rare even against the next relegation candidate. “The clear move to the goal is missing, there’s always a cross pass or we pull too early,” complained Heinrichs. In addition, the hosts were lucky that the Cologne team, who were playing better and better in the second half, did not squander one of their great opportunities and thus remained on a relegation zone like the Potsdam team.

Next Sunday, the six-time champion and three-time cup winner will have the next last straw in the home game against SV Meppen (4 p.m. / MagentaSport). But even a possible success over the Emslanders would only be a drop in the ocean given the mammoth program of the remaining six games.

In addition to the home games against the teams SGS Essen and Bayer Leverkusen, which have also not yet been saved, there are also duels against the top teams SC Freiburg, TSG Hoffenheim, Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayern Munich. Despite the perseverance slogans, Heinrichs correctly assesses the situation on the farewell tour: “Ultimately, one of the players’ goals is to give the spectators a win.” (dpa)

Source: Tagesspiegel

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