Basketball, coach Sacchetti: “The blue shirt is an armor”

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(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 27 – Italy has arrived in Milan after the defeat in St. Petersburg against Russia and is ready to resume the journey towards qualification for the Fiba World Cup 2023. Today the presentation press conference was held of Italy-Netherlands, scheduled for Monday in the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (8.30 pm. Tickets are available for the match against the ‘Oranje’ of coach Maurizio Buscaglia, which can be purchased in all the Vivaticket circuit site. “The national team shirt is a shell, remembers coach Meo Sacchetti -. The boys have been splendid to achieve the results this summer. The national team must bring enthusiasm, which I hope will be a feeling for the players to bring back to the club. The national team that I would like must be coveted by everyone. “Absent against Russia, captain Michele Vitali plays the charge for the match against the Netherlands:” It will be a great emotion to play in front of ours public – he says -. In Tokyo we felt the charge of the Italians even with an 8-hour time zone. Let’s imagine what it will be like to hear them incite the blue live “.

“This has been a very beautiful year for us – says the Fip president, Gianni Petrucci -. We finished fifth at the Olympics, we are celebrating our centenary compatibly with what is allowed by health protocols, we met the Holy Father and Prime Minister Mario Draghi, both passionate about our sport. We have strengthened our team with a great dg like Salvatore Trainotti. Monday’s match will be very important, but I can’t help but be polemical towards the Euroleague, a private organization that conditions the path of Nationals towards a goal as big as the Games. There have been several surprising results on this first day and undoubtedly they are the result of teams that have to do without the best players. So it is impossible to go on “. (HANDLE).


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