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League A, negotiations for Middle East TV rights ahead

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(ANSA) – MILAN, 03 DEC – Lega Serie A continues negotiations for the sale of TV rights in the Middle East and North Africa. During today’s meeting (all 20 companies connected by videoconference), an exploratory mandate was given to CEO De Siervo to negotiate the offers received.

The clubs also discussed the decision of the FIGC Council to adapt the Statutes of the Leagues, changes that will be analyzed starting from the next Serie A meeting scheduled for November 16. As regards the criteria for the distribution of resources from TV rights, further analyzes will be carried out on the subject: in the meantime, as happened last season, we will continue using the SIAE data on payers for the three-year period 2017/2020. Furthermore, the Lega Serie A-Aic-Figc collective agreement has been extended until the end of the season.

Finally, De Siervo, connected from London where he participated in the Forum of the World Leagues, commented on the outcome of the meeting that was to address the Fifa project of the biennial World Cup: “The request that emerged today from over 40 Leagues is unequivocal: the Fifa must abandon its proposal. Studies have been presented that demonstrate the negative economic impact of the Fifa project on domestic competitions, a decision on such a vital issue cannot be accepted without the consent of the Leagues, Clubs and players “. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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