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Here’s how Windows 11 will make your PC more responsive

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2021 is a very important year for Microsoft. After presenting Windows 11 in June, the Redmond firm is now preparing to launch this new version of its operating system.

Windows 11 includes a number of new features, including a new design, several features that will make you more productive, and support for Android applications (which will come later). But Microsoft has also made less visible changes that will make your machine run faster if it’s running Windows 11.

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And among these changes is a new process prioritization, which will allow apps to launch instantly even when the CPU load is already at 90%. In a video posted by Microsoft Mechanics, Steve Dispensa, vice president of business management at Microsoft, presented this novelty.

In the video, the vice president shows a PC on which the processor is already 90% used. However, when he launches new applications, Word and Excel, they launch instantaneously. This is possible thanks to a new way of managing resources.

Allocate more resources to foreground processes

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Quite simply, Windows 11 prioritizes foreground processes, allocates more resources to these processes, which allows for better responsiveness. “It’s seconds of time saved in this case. And the time savings add up the more you use the apps throughout your day. It is therefore responsive and fast. Prioritization in the foreground is a big part of it. And this same concept actually applies to the Windows shell itself, to the browser and to your open tabs in Windows 11 ”, explains the head of Microsoft.

Prioritizing tabs in the foreground, Microsoft was already doing it on its Edge browser, which allows the user to have a feeling of responsiveness. And what changes on Windows 11 is that this way of managing PC resources will be applied by default on Microsoft Edge.

In addition Windows 11 will allow machines on standby to resume more quickly. This is possible because the RAM memory will always be powered, while the other components are not powered, during standby.

On some machines, it will even be possible to have an instant restart after standby comparable to what we have on a smartphone or on a PC with an Arm processor.

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